Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Top O' The Muffin To You!!

What is today? July 14th? Seems like it is someone's birthday or something, but I can't remember who.

I wish my blog was really popular. Then I would start the Blog Reality Tour. People would come from all over to ride my converted school bus and see all the people and places I discuss in my blog, while eating a pizza bagel and a bite-size 3 Musketeers, all for just $37.50. I could even kick it off by going on Regis & Kelly. All of my ideas just go to waste, just like my all-billiards TV channel. Why? No resources, no skill, no talent, no ability, no brains? No! No time. It's all these menial tasks, laundry, shopping, blogging. Do you have any idea how much time I spend on this internet?

Well, nothing too exciting has been going on, if you can't tell. I did work on my bike yesterday. A small, quick adjustment had the gears purring like a kitten. Sweet shimano music to my ears! The brakes were a bit more difficult, as they usually are for me, but I got them working fairly well. I was running out of time, but I rode for a few blocks just to test things out. Nice, smooth ride. I just have to make a couple more minor brake adjustments, to fix a squeak on the front brakes, and to make them grab a little quicker. So, I'm stoked and spoked... or something. Think I might hang some dry-wall today, or maybe reverse my peephole.

Glad to see Namie made it back to Cali safely, and that he is blogging once again. Wish I could get more friends started blogging. It's not that difficult, and only takes up three or four hours a day. What? K and I met up for dinner at the steak house. I had a good hamburger steak. We discussed a variety of topics, from whether it's best to marry just because you get pregnant, to another NY trip, to GI Joe. We ran the gamut. (How did "gamut" even get into my vocabulary?) Anyway, that leads us to today's random funnies:

K: "I bought a new GI Joe action figure."
(short pause... odd look)
K: "Seriously."
J: "Oh, I thought you were kidding."
K: "No. I was gonna set it up at work, but then they hired all these cute girls for the summer."

"What kinds of things do you do, I mean, do people pay you for?"
"Wow, that question could be taken the wrong way."

"There's something on about Seinfeld here. Or Jerry. What's his real name?"
"Uh, Jerry Seinfeld."

"Man, it's a hot one, like seven inches from the midday sun."


  1. "What kinds of things do you do, I mean, do people pay you for?"
    "Wow, that question could be taken the wrong way."
    Heyyy that was to me! (:

  2. Wow, it's like I'm famous! *no autographs please...*