Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Trading spouses?

No, my bloglet title is not referring to some swinger porn video, starring Buck Naked, although I suppose it could be. It refers to the latest so-called "reality" show on TV. Now, as the flag-bearer for anti-reality viewers everywhere, you might not expect this to be coming from me. Yes, I still believe the success of reality shows only reflects what sad, empty lives many people lead. (Same thing with those people who ALWAYS seem to be online. Oh wait, what?) BUT, I watched a few minutes of this show the past couple of nights, and those people were cracking me up. It was actually pretty entertaining. Plus, it's not making a mockery of marriage, or midgets, or ugly people, or anything like that, far as I can tell. I only got to watch it for about fifteen minutes last night because I had to leave for softball practice. My favorite line was when the guy said, "Why we can't have no chicken wings?" ROFL WOOOOOOOOO!!

I have talked to several others who are watching this show as well. Mom was like, "I think this is gonna be my new favorite show. Well, besides Nick and Jessica." Oh, please help us. What makes these shows so addicting to people? I really think sometimes if Nick and Jessica are fighting or were to break up, it would literally affect some people in their day-to-day lives. Seriouslah.

In other news, I received a porn IM a little while ago...
singscam25341: im thinking about being a porn star.. can u take a look at me on my webcam and tell me if i look good enough?
jstowry: oh wow, i'd have to say no. maybe you could be a body double though

Other random funniness:
(an email homophone funny)
"Some guy had to nearly undress to get thru the medal detector."
"They're detecting Olympic athletes now?"

(an intraoffice funny)
"Well, we've got adobe on our thingy."

"It's hard to bite my lip, but I ain't saying a word. I give you all the rope to hang yourself that you deserve. You might be ahead of me in her heart today, but that's okay..."


  1. In regards to: "Same thing with those people who ALWAYS seem to be online."

    Or how about those people who cling to and still talk every day about a sitcom that went off the air six years ago? ;-)

  2. Oh yeah, I hate that, too! Hey, wait a second. lol