Friday, July 16, 2004


Hottie alert... Maria Sharapova on Leno tonight!

As Newman might say, I guess I can accept a little Jay, if it gets me a lot of Maria ;-)

Why do ambulances have ambulance written backwards on the front? OK, I know why, but really, has someone ever turned around and saw an ambulance and been like, "What is that behind me? I can't read what that says." Then turned around and looked in their rear-view mirror and been like, "Oh, it's an ambulance. I better pull over." I tell you what, I don't even think the writing is really necessary. You see a big red truck with a ladder and a siren, you think fire truck. You don't look to see if "fire truck" is written on there. I don't think the backwards ambulance is really a necessity. I bet the box-shape, siren, medical symbols, and often orange or yellow coloring gives it away at least 99% of the time. What brought all this up is our owner is wanting to put lettering on our van and have it written backwards on the front. Good grief.

I had a much-needed two-and-a-half hour nap yesterday. I think I could've slept ten more hours, but Jessica had cooked dinner for me. That was very thoughtful. We had chicken and rice, corn, and fried green tomatoes. She has been awfully sweet to me the past week or so. I'm really starting to think she likes me ;-) Talked to Matt for a bit. Looks like he may be having an NCAA 2005 marathon Saturday night. I have noticed in more than one blog that girls appear to have accepted the fact that their husbands/boyfriends are going to be "away" for a couple of weeks since it came out on Monday. That's funny.

The Dealership and The Soup were on the other night. Wow, that dating a waitress at your regular hangout and then the awkward moments when it's over bit in The Soup... I know that all too well. I love this exchange in The Dealership when George has borrowed a dollar from Jerry and the machine won't accept it:
J: "Can I have my dollar back?"
G: "It's wrinkled. It's worthless."

Have a great weekend, all!

"Love has taught us to forgive, and time helps us forget. Still as long as we both live, we'll say things that we regret. But love keeps workin' on us, aw cos we ain't perfect yet..."

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