Monday, July 05, 2004

Recapping the 3rd and 4th on the 5th

The memories of time spent with family and friends will linger on throughout our workaday lives. And on holidays, moreso than other days, we tend to spend more time with loved ones. Let us cherish these moments today, for we never know what tomorrow will bring. Let us be thankful for this land in which we live. Perfect? No. But thousands and thousands have given up the better part of their life to preserve our freedom.

Wow, it has been a busy weekend. After work Saturday, I met K for lunch at Applebees. Hadn't been there in at least a couple of weeks, and Davina was nice enough to comp my entire meal. What a sweetie. Decided to take advantage of the sun and go hit some tennis, but by the time we got up there it was starting to rain. So I put my racket cover over my head to try and wait it out, but it wasn't stopping, so we decided to play thru the shower. It finally stopped and the court dried up after about half an hour. Played for about 90 minutes, I think. It was sort of like a sneak preview of the Roddick/Federer Wimbledon final, except we weren't hitting near as hard and there were lots more balls hit into the net and stuff. After that, it was about 4:30. I headed home and tried to fix a couple of things on my truck. My right turn signal was blinking like really fast on my instrument panel, and when I checked it outside, the rear signal wasn't flashing at all. So I didn't know if there a fuse out or what. I checked the fuse and that wasn't it, so I figured a bulb must be out, causing it to be pulling too much current or whatever. Went to Wal-Mart and found a couple of bulbs. Turns out that fixed it. I also had to replace one of my license tag bulbs. Jessica called and wanted me to come to town to watch her little cousin's softball game. So I showered and went over there. Got home about 11:15. Watched the end of the NASCAR race at Daytona. Gordon won again, so I was happy about that.

After church Sunday, I watched the world hot dog eating championship on ESPN. (I'm sure you're not going to read that previous statement anywhere else.) Kobiyashi, or whatever his name is, downed 53 in like 12 minutes to win for the 4th year in a row. It was held at Nathan's on Coney Island. Sweet. Went over to Jessica's grandma's about 2:30 for 4th of July festivities. Had some good ribs and barbecue chicken for lunch. Then several of us walked down the street to play some tennis. It was blazing hot at first, then after about 45 minutes, a major storm blew up. We were dodging falling pinecones running back to the house like they were napalm bombs. Jessica's Mom got hit, but that was our only WIA. Man, those things really become projectiles in a storm. It remained pretty cloudy, but once the rain stopped, we went swimming at this huge house in Woodland Hills subdivision. I'm talking three stories, probably 5-6 baths, three decks, pool, hot tub, etc. There was a nice Brunswick pool table downstairs, but I couldn't get anyone to play with me. At some point during the evening, Kyle called and said Cassie had called him wanting to know if we were going to Point Mallard. He said was trying to decide whether to do that with her or go play video games with Jon and Kevin. That cracked me up. I'm pretty sure he was kidding. Pretty sure. I was like, "Dude, if you pick playing video games over doing something with Cassie, you've got a problem." Fortunately, he made the right choice. Anyway, after swimming we headed over to Point Mallard ourselves to watch the fireworks show. Well, not actually to Point Mallard. We sat in some alley a few blocks away, but still had a good view. Man, watching those fireworks really makes you appreciate the fireworks last year over East River in NYC more.

I left around 11:00. Gave K a call and he said they were searching for some dinner. I was, too, since I had not eaten since lunch. So I met him and Cass up at Steak & Stink for some imitation food. I do enjoy the cheese fries. Had some good conversation, and discussed a possible NYC trip for Labor Day Weekend. Including Bunny, the four of us are really easy-going and get along well. Left there around 12:30. Matt had been calling, wanting to know if I wanted to come out and shoot fireworks. So, I rode by there for a bit. They were down to just a few by the time I got there. Hung out there for awhile and got home around 2:00. Just relaxing today, although I need to clean house a bit at some point. Anyway, it was a good, busy weekend, and I didn't hit my head any the entire weekend.

Holiday funnies:
K: "I left early. Went home and worked on the dance recital."
C: "That sounds funny. You went home to work on the dance recital."
J: "Yes, he went home, put on his tights and danced in front of a mirror."

"I've never played tennis with anyone who had their own towels before."

"I see her face and I can't let go. She's in my dreams and my heart, so let me know. Have you seen her? Tell me, have you seen her?"

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