Thursday, July 15, 2004

I Hate Everything

(Foxworthy voice) If your garage contains everything BUT your car...

Shane called and left a message yesterday where he had tried to play Strait's new song over the cell phone. Well, I appreciate the effort, really, but it ended up sounding sorta like the teacher from Peanuts had called my cell phone and sang a song to me, and that she was a man. Anyway, the song is really cool. It's called "I Hate Everything." The basic story is a man loses his wife and suddenly has a negative view of everything in his life. Thinking about the song, it's amazing how having a woman who loves you can make every single other thing in life seem good. But take that love away, and often we are most miserable. I think almost just as important as how you feel about someone is how they make you feel about yourself, like a better person, more than you really are alone. That's what I think.

Played some online pool on yahoo yesterday. Much like real life, a couple of the games were decided when the 8 ball went in early. Those yahoo balls don't have a lot of life in them. lol Had Bible study last night and then work. Felt like I made or received about fifty calls on my cell phone yesterday, seriouslah. I think I saw smoke at one point. It looks like the NY trip for Labor Day weekend is enticingly close... so close I can taste it. Fingers crossed. In other good news, it looks like some of the guys are trying to get up a company softball team. Oh man, I hope that works out. Then I'll be able to display my super-terrific, scintillating softball skills... or, just play. That reminds me of an old Married... With Children episode:

"That centerfielder's gonna get burned playing that shallow."
"Who is that guy?"
"I think it's him."
"Who's him?"
"Al Bundy.. ever see him play?"
"No, I just heard about him."
"I saw him play. He was the best. The best."
"Is that him?"

Life simply just doesn't follow this perfect plan. I mean, sure, there are a few people who marry out of college, have 2.4 kids, etc. But mostly, and I've noticed this more lately, you just have to take life as it comes. And I think that's OK. Neat, even. There are happy times and sad, disappointments and frustrations, warm times and lonesome times, regrets and remorse, joy and pain, hopes, dreams, and love. Things sometimes happen that we didn't plan on or foresee happening. Part of life is adjusting to those things, rolling with the changes. I have several friends who have lost jobs recently, know a couple of people that have moved back home, and have other friends who have dealt or are dealing with even tougher things. As the songs says, so no one told you life was gonna be this way, huh? But it's cool. And on a related note, congratulations to a couple of friends who have recently landed new jobs. And Jessica has an interview tomorrow morning at another hospital. Best wishes to you all.

I know I'm not perfect, but I hope that I'm getting a little better as I go ;-)

"He said that one bedroom apartment where I get my mail, is really not a home. It's more like a jail, with a swimming pool and a parking lot view. Man, it's just great. I hate summer, winter, fall, and spring. Red and yellow, purple, blue, and green. I hate everything..."

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