Sunday, July 18, 2004

The Only One

I did not want to be the only one to say it, to feel it.  What did I think?  I suppose I thought like so many other things, that it would happen in time.  Time, the great healer, the great teacher, would take care of all of that.  So it remained hidden away, just below the surface, just under my breath...  What is it inside me that keeps me from saying the things I know I should say?  What is it that makes me say things sometimes that I know I should not say?  Is it pride, or something else?  And why do I let it defeat me sometimes?  Why does anyone make a decision that they know in their heart is not the right one?  ...There were words that my heart was saying that your ears could not hear.  Maybe those words would have changed everything.  Maybe nothing.  Now, of course, I will never know.  You have gone.  And I am here, the only one, after all.
"Every now and then, voices on the wind.  I may love you always, and always.  Far away and clear, you can hear the teardrops fallin' for the last in love..."

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