Thursday, July 29, 2004

Fast Food, Hotties, and Moops

If you think chewing gum with Lloyd Braun would be an ideal way to pass the time, then this blog's for you...

I was preparing to eat my Jeno's pizza for supper last night when it hit me. I think one of the main reasons men decide to get married is because they are sick of eating fast food. Seriously. I'm tired of it. And it can't be very healthy. I think you just reach a point where you can't eat anymore. So that's where I am. Maybe this sounds a bit sexist, but I don't intend it that way. I don't mind cooking, but it's just not the most practical thing to cook for one. Too much leftover or thrown away. Plus, I only know how to cook a few things. I guess the old saying is true, the way to a man's heart, etc. And now I'm hungry ;-) For lunch today, what else? Arby's. Chicken, bacon, & swiss sandwich and curly fries. Eh, I guess fast food isn't that bad. Besides, it's not fast food. It's good food quickly, right Seth?

Well, we've got practice tonight, if it doesn't rain. The weather has been great the last day or two. This is the time of year when I really miss my Jeep. Man. Those were the days, riding around with two or three chicks, top down, radio up. Or just riding around by myself, whichever. What? I haven't had time to work on my bike lately. Something is puncturing the rear tire, and I think it's something on the wheel, but I've been so busy, I haven't had time to look at it. Looks like my dreams of Tour de France glory in 2005 may be put on hold.

OK, in closing, someone apparently was offended by my use of the word "hottie" in a recent bloglet. I was just wondering what you think about this, girls especially. Although I have heard girls refer to guys as hotties as well. One girl I dated one time didn't care for the term "babe" or "babes" either. I suppose it's similar to that. But when I use the term "hottie", I simply mean a very attractive girl, similar to saying "cutie." So I was just wondering what you thought about it.

The Bubble Boy was on last night, a very famous ep, no doubt. One of my favorite parts is when George is playing Trivial Pursuit with the Bubble Boy and there is a misprint on the card:
G: "Oh nooooo. I'm sorry. The correct answer is Moops."
BB: "Moops? Let me see that. That's not moops, you jerk. It's Moors! It's a misprint."
G: "I'm sorry, but the card says Moops."
BB: "It doesn't matter. It's Moors. There's no Moops."
G: "It's Moops."
BB: "Moors."
G: "Help. Someone."
BB: "Say Moors! Say Moors!"
G: "Moops!"
Susan: "Stop it! Let go of him."
BB: "I'm gonna kill him!"
"Psssssssssssss" (as the bubble deflates) ROFL

"Confessin' all our secrets and laughin' out loud, so high up on that mountain, I thought we'd never come down. It was a dream we were livin' in. I was the happiest I'd ever been..."


  1. I bet if you talked about your lady friend more in your blog she would cook you some more homemade meals =)

  2. OK HERE YOU GO BONE THE COMMMET YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR .I MIGHT BE OLDFASHION AND I KNOW EACH GENERATION HAS NEW WORDS IN THE70's peole used she's a brick house,sex pot,and as the song goes looking for some hotstuff tonight , 80'S WE USED HE OR SHE IS SO FINE,he oe or she is a babe AND SOME OTHERS RECENTLY DIVA,AND NOW HOTTIE NOW I KNOW PEOPLE USE IT IN DIFFERNT WAYS I GUESS I THINK OF IT AS BEING SEXY or lusting after someone that's JUST my opinion and i just think those words are for married people. now i admit us ladies like attention but from a person in a private matter.Not the first sentence the moment we meet.Like in a club,n the gym, on the internet lol. Bone your a sweetie i'm i allow to use that word lol