Saturday, July 10, 2004

The fun rarely stops

"Parcels are rarely damaged during shipping."
"Define rarely."

I blog. You read. Another day slips away...

"Those last couple of weeks, I do not remember well. Looking back, I can see she was letting go, but at the time, I could not see it, nor could I imagine why. She became distant, not caring and clinging and fighting the way she once did. I think that probably we only have a certain number of tears that we can cry in a certain period of time. Once those tears are gone, we are emotionally drained, and something has to change. I think that is what happened. She simply ran out of tears. I used up everything she had to give. Then it was gone. So was she. And so were we..."

Last night was exciting. Well, as exciting as it gets in D-town, with no girls involved. K and I hit up The Brick about 8:00 for some billiards. There were four attractive 30-something single ladies playing next to us. They were involved in some intense billiards action, so we didn't want to bother them. WOOOOO! Afterwards, we stopped by Books A Million for a bit. Ran into Namie up there. He's headed back to California Monday. Also ran into Debra (from my Wolverine days) up there. After I got done talking to her, I walked back up to Joe Muggs, where Namie and Kyle were sitting. I was like, "What are ya'll doing?" Kyle nodded towards this girl at the counter and was like, "Trying to get her to come over here?" I said, "And how exactly are you doing that?" He said, "Telepathy." ROFL

It was off to Logan's for dinner after that. Namie came along for a few minutes. Sat with Brandie, and was charged for our beverages. So, I complained. She said the manager had gotten onto her about giving free ones. So, that's it, we'll sit with Jennifer, or Jeremy, or Heather, or someone else who still believes in freebies, something this country was founded on. What?

Well, I need to get a shower, since it is nearly 3:00 PM and I have done nothing all day but be lazy. Gonna help film the Vipers crap tonight.

"I think my head is caving in. I don't know if I've ever been really loved, by a hand that's touched me. And I feel like something's gonna give, and I'm a little bit angry..."

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