Monday, July 26, 2004

In search of a few hours of suspended consciousness

"Monday, thou art a muse to me. Many a song have included thee. The weekend so far away it seems. Yet only a day removed, can it be?"

Following are the thoughts of a rogue blogger. The stories are real, although some events may have become blurred or slightly exaggerated due to very little sleep and consumption of large amounts of (non-)alcoholic beverages. Names have not been changed to protect the innocent. Women who are pregnant or nursing, or anyone who may be harmed by random bouts of uncontrollable laughter, are strongly advised to read other, less-interesting blogs.

Those are the words of a man who's had about nine hours of sleep the past two nights. Saturday night, after I blogged, Matt called and said several people were over there. So, I debated for a minute, then decided to head that way. I think there ended up being seven people over there. Shot a little pool. Watched them playing video games. Then, I joined in for a couple of games. We played NCAA 2005 2-on-2 and Michael and I lost 44-43. They drove 80 yards in 20 seconds for the winning TD. One of the few unrealistic things about that game. Then, I played one-on-one and beat Matt 24-21, which is pretty good, since I think he plays that game every waking hour non-stop. (I can't really say anything since I broke down and bought it also. I have no idea why I'm not married yet.) Anyway, we all went to Subway for a late night snack, and when all was said and done, I got home about 5:00 AM. So I wound up getting a little over 3 hours sleep that night.

After church on Sunday, I came home and relaxed for a couple of hours. My sister called and wanted me to print off directions for them for Destin. I did, but the mapquest directions were so complicated, as usual, and the route was way out there, so I ended up showing her how we came back when we went down there last month. Wow, two turns, instead of twenty! So they got on their way. K had called last week and said he had to go to Nashville for some video stuff Sunday afternoon, so I rode up there with him. Stopped by Old Navy, but I didn't buy anything. Shot some pool. Turns out pool at Buffalo Billiards is free on Sundays. Who knew? Dinner was of course none other than Famous Dave's BBQ. A pile of rib tips and twelve paper towels later, and we were off. It's pretty sad when the hostesses in a restaurant in another state start to recognize you. Or pretty cool, whichever. Stopped by Kinko's and then by Shane's. Ended up getting back shortly after 11:00. So today, I have got to cut the grass if it doesn't rain. Otherwise, I am going to catch up on some zzzizzles. Seriouslah. With practice likely on Tuesday and Thursday, this will probably be my only free night of the week.

Oh, I got my USB cable back, so I should be able to post a few pics this afternoon from the wedding. Try not to get too excited ;-) I'll close today with a special haiku (in the standard 5-7-5 pattern), in honor of Lance Armstrong wrapping up his record-breaking sixth Tour de France on Sunday.

Six tours in a row
I'm gonna soak up the sun
I like Sheryl Crow

Random funnies:
"We need to have a talk, pseudo-man to pseudo man."

"After ninety days, the TV just went crap."
"Wow, that sounds like most of my relationships."

"If you could only see the way she loves me, maybe you would understand, why I feel this way about our love, and what I must do. If you could only see how blue her eyes can be when she says, when she says she loves me..."

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  1. Blue eyes? If I have told you once, I have told you a hundred times!