Monday, July 19, 2004

You will be involved in many parties and gatherings...

So said my fortune cookie yesterday. Hmm, well I do have the rehearsal dinner and wedding Friday and Saturday. After yesterday, I have now had Chinese food like six times in my entire life. I'm a newbie to the Chinese food thing, but it seems like they serve very large portions. Probably have leftovers tonight.

Got some good news today. A guy came down and signed me up for the softball team. Woohoo!! He said we'd probably play Tuesdays and Thursdays. Supposed to practice tomorrow night. Hopefully, my shoulder will be all healed up from the incident two years ago. (I'll post more about that later, for those of you who were fortunate enough not to be a member of the MSN group, Spammers.) It's gonna be keeping me busy, with everything else that is going on, but I'm excited. We're gonna be playing at West Park, which is the site where I hit my only homerun.

I bet when you are trying to teach someone to speak English, it is hard to explain why you pronounce colonel, kernel. Don't you think? Oh, the "-olo" makes an "-er" sound. No, no, it doesn't do that in any other words, just this one. I want to go throw frisbee, but I can't get anyone to go. Maybe that's why people get dogs, no one to play frisbee with.

I was under it this weekend. After work Friday, I went by the car wash and got my oil changed (shamefully, by someone else). For some reason, I was really tired Friday night. K called, and then Jess called later, but I really just couldn't muster the energy to get up and get ready and go anywhere. I did finally go get some Taco Bell for supper. Had an unexpected call from Jen around 12:30 Saturday morning. She was having some family issues, and said talking to me would help. We talked for quite awhile.

Saturday I was lethargic all day again, making it out only to get some lunch at Subway. I finally did get some energy around 7:00. Got a shower and headed over to Matt's. They were having the NCAA 2005 party, I guess. They had 3 Xboxes over there. Wow. Man, I used to love to play video games, but I guess as you get older, life gets busier and other things become more important and take precedence. Anyhow, we ordered a pizza, and not long after I ate, my stomach started feeling like some U-235 fission was going on down there. It continued feeling weird most of the day Sunday. Must have been something I ate. I dunno.

Random funnies:
"I think he wears makeup."
"I just think he looks weird."
"Yeah, I could definitely see him playing a psycho killer in the movies."

"Well, if she can't go, we'll just find someone else to invite... or just not go at all."

"I don't mind spending everyday, out on your corner in the pouring rain. Look for the girl with the broken smile. Ask her if she wants to stay awhile, and she will be loved..."

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