Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Prognosis... eh

Happy birthday to my Dad today. Hizzle be's fitty-foe.

Well, I had my first softball practice last night. I thought it went pretty good, especially considering I haven't played in two years. The shoulder hurt a little, but not as bad as it did before. So, I don't know if it's gonna get worse or what. It doesn't bother me hitting at all, just when I have to throw one hard. I don't know if I'll get to play much, because most everyone else works together and knows each other, but I did hit one out in BP, so maybe that'll help me. Who knows. Another thing about last night is that I realized I was one of the oldest guys out there, either second or third oldest. Wow, there's a reality check for you right there. On the good side, I was in much better shape than a lot of them.

I suppose I should recount "the shoulder story" now. What happened was, a couple of years ago in fall league, one night it was game time and we only had eight players, so everyone thought we were going to have to forfeit. Well, a ninth player showed up at the last minute and we just had to run out in the field without warming up. I was playing left field, and on the first ball that was hit to me, I pegged it into second. I think I heard something pop, or at least felt something pop. From then on thru the rest of the season, anytime I'd do anything more than lob it in, I would experience excruciating pain in my shoulder. So, I haven't played since then, but I can tell something still isn't right. Oh well.

This week is shaping up to be ultra-busy. I have to go try on and pick up my tux either today or tomorrow. I also still have to get a wedding gift. I need to go get Dad a birthday gift today. I know, I know, but I looked yesterday and didn't find anything, except for a card. I am going to try and take care of all that today, before church. We will probably practice again Thursday night, and then Friday I have the rehearsal dinner and Saturday the wedding. My sister is getting married! My little thither!! This is the little girl I used to play hockey with in the back yard, using wiffle ball bats and a tennis ball. Have I mentioned the song she has chosen to have sung is the same song I played when I proposed to my ex-fiance? Have I mentioned that? I'm sure that won't affect me one bit. Fortunately, that's all water near a bridge.

In other news, Tiffany texted me last night (ex-gf, late 2002-early 2003). She was like, "Just wanted to let you know I haven't stopped blogging. I've been in the hospital since Friday." She had an acute kidney infection, which had gotten pretty bad, apparently. That isn't funny at all, of course, but it is a bit humorous how if you don't blog for a couple of days, people know something must be wrong. I called Mom last night, and she said my great uncle is in the hospital. He doesn't really have any close relatives, so it would probably be good if I stopped by to see him.

Wow, someone I used to work with at Food Fair 14 years ago just stopped by to see me at work. Time's fun when you're having flies.

"I'm wishin' my daddy was forty again. Then he would be young, and I would be ten. We would go fishin', throw an old ball around, wash his old truck, and go into town..."


  1. John Berry. Cool.

  2. That was a cool song. Wonder whatever happened to him.

  3. Great wedding song: "There You Are" Martina McBride (: