Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thursday Thirteen: 2005

Thirteen memories from 2005, in no particular order...

1. My trip to California in October.

2. Flying for the first time ever, to California.

3. Getting my first massage. (And my second. Third. Fourth...) I'll never forget her... I mean, them.

4. My first-ever Festivus party.

5. Gettin out da hood, and moving to my new fastidious bachelor pad.

6. Going to see Jerry Seinfeld in concert for the second time.

7. Welcomed a new addition to my family, Pablo Picasso. (Thus named because he had no ears. Should have actually been named Van Gogh. But whatever. It makes for a good story.)

8. Going to the beach in May to see that things were not "back to normal" in Gulf Shores. Nothing says beach like jackhammers right outside your window all night long. Thanks again, Bob Riley.

9. Being there to watch Bama crush Florida 31-3. Roll Tide!

10. Being there to watch Bama beat Tennessee. Again, Roll Tide!

11. Going to the George Strait concert in January.

12. Trading in my truck for a car.

13. Getting a new computer. The blog entry that changed my life.

PS: I know at least a couple of my readers are very happy about Texas winning the national championship last night. Congratulations! And today's lyric is in honor of the 'Horns.

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"Before you lose your accent, and forget all about the Lonestar State. There's a seat for you at the rodeo and I've got every slow dance saved. Besides, the Mexican food sucks north of here anyway..."


  1. Seinfeld in concert... LUCKY!! My list is up!

  2. All in all looks like you had a pretty nice year!! And look at you go with the T-13 for what, the second time! Thank goodness college football is over for the year. Some people are just so hard to chat with when football is on!!

  3. I NEVER thought I would say this, but: "Roll Tide!" I'm always a HUGE fan of SEC football, BUT an even larger fan of ANY team that beats (ha ha, funnily enough some are SEC teams) the following: Florida, LS-Who. . . oh I mean U, and Texas (last night sucked).

    Roll Tide, for kicking Florida's tail! :)

  4. Hahah I LOVE seeing George Strait in concert. I will again next month! I should trade my truck in for a car...someday I will I'm sure.

  5. Uisce: Thanks for stopping by. I'll check out your list :-)

    Carney: Well some people think you're not "listening" if you don't respond to every single IM with one of your own ;-)

    Yeah, starting off, I was thinking I would be hard pressed to come up with 13 things. But a lot happened. I guess.

    Lass: Will link ya. You just be sure to keep blogging post-wedding.

    Meghan: So I'm guessing you're a Hog fan? See if you can score me some tickets to the Bama/Arkansas game next year. I think it's in Fayetteville :-)

    Audra: Think I am going to see him again in February. Have seen him more than I've seen anyone in concert. By far.

  6. Hey bone!

    I can see how you haven't been to as many states as I have, if you only just flew for the first time this year. Part of the reason for all those states is that we took many road trip vacations when I was a kid and the other part is thanks to DH's employers...oh and I took the road trip to WV all on my own.

    See ya next time. Loved your Festivus Party, I hope you keep the tradition.

  7. You got a new car? Where was I on that??? Sorry I feel like I missed something in your life.

  8. I can't believe you bought a fish with no ears. You should have gotten your money back.

    Feed the poor guy an extra pellet from me.


  9. Renee: Thanks! I think I've only been to 18 states. Best I can remember. Plan on keeping the Festivus tradition, and hopefully it'll be even bigger and better next year.

    Lindsy: Perhaps you should read more often. I suggest at least three times per day, just to be sure :-)

    OCG: I can't believe I named him the wrong thing.

    Oh, and I will feed him a pellet now :-)

  10. Once again...
    Roll Tide!

    My mom has been tellling me for years that George is going to be my new step-dad real soon and when that happens, I'll get you free tickets!


  11. Lucky duck! I love Ccalifornia. Well worth flying to get there!
    And we went to Gulf Shores in August, and they were STILL jackhammering, and we couldn't find the driveway to our house, because it was still covered in sand. We had to evacuate in the middle of our vacation because Katrina was a'comin'. I wonder if our rental beach house is even still there? :(

    Thanks for visiting my 13! I linked you! :)

  12. I'm just seeing that you visited Nashville over Christmas. And you're in Alabama? You must live somewhat close to me :)

  13. LOL - of COURSE I can score you tickets, dearie, I have season tickets to the AR games.

    Whether I like you enough to let you use one of my precious tickets remains to be seen. :)

  14. Sherry: Roll Tide! George?

    Jennifer: I'm about two hours almost due south of Nashville.

    Meghan: Well, you might not like me after the game :-) Win or lose.