Monday, January 23, 2006

Pretty In Pink?

I have put up a Super Bowl Poll on the sidebar. And it would thrill me more than it really should if you'd vote on that. I am really a bit torn, as both teams I was rooting for Sunday won. Anyway, on with today's post...

I wore my pink shirt to work for the first time today. So I'm at the drive-thru at Hardees this morning. Before she hands me my food, the lady at the window says, "I'm gonna tell you like I told another guy the other day..." At this point, I'm thinking I've been rude or violated some previously unknown rule of drive-thru etiquette. She continues, "You look really handsome in that pink shirt."

Ah, just what I needed. Nothing like a little hetero affirmation from the opposite sex to start off the week.

So then I get to work, and I'm on the phone with BE. I tell her I'm wearing the shirt. She says, "Thinking of you in that shirt and your black jacket... I just got a little turned on." I respond with my best Joey Tribiani, "How you doin'?"

Then I see Big Sweaty, and he says something about it. Something like, "I like your pink shirt. I come from a time where you wouldn't dare leave the house in a pink shirt."

Thinking here... But you'd put one on and dance around the kitchen in it? Then he seems to contradict himself:

"I've had my share of pink shirts down thru the years. They always get compliments from the ladies."

Suddenly, I wasn't feeling so hot about the morning compliment that I had just received. Anyhow, since that, two ladies at work have complimented it. So it's not yet 11:00 AM and I've had five people say something about my shirt. Four of them women. What is this phenomenon?

In other news, I dreamed about Opryland last night. I received a comment on my old Opryland Nostalgia post yesterday, and I think that's why I dreamed it. I was there with someone, a girl, but I can't remember who. We rode the Grizzly River Rampage, and then walked over to Chaos. I said something to her about how it never worked right when I rode it. And I don't think we rode it.

And, my new favorite show comes on tonight!!

And... oh, I guess that's all. No, wait. All this shirt talk reminds me of this little exchange from Seinfeld:

George: "Let me ask you something. What do you think of this shirt?"
Reporter: "It's nice."
George: "Jerry said he didn't like it."
Jerry: "I didn't say I didn't like it. I said it was OK."
George: "No, you said you didn't like it!"
Jerry: "Well, so what if I don't like it. Is that like the end of the world or something?"

"Every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man..."


  1. Hey, how about a pic of you in the pink? It isn't a puffy shirt is it? Just an oxford-type. My husband actually likes the faux-pink shirts. They are white with red pin-stripes close together. Gives the appearance of pink without actually being pink. It goes well with the gold power ties.

  2. I would have to agree a man in a pink shirt is hot! And yes, we're gonna need to see a pic of you in it...just the shirt, see what I'm getting at here? Thank you BE for buying that for Bone!!

  3. Sooo where's the picture? I think we all deserve to get a little "turned on" HA ;-)

  4. repeat after me. there is nothing wrong with a guy in a pink shirt. oh, except for the fact that we guys who wear pink shirts get all the attention from the ladies with the finest taste! but since I'm married I am not as much interested in this. and yes, I wrote that with a straight face.

  5. Yes, I am in agreement with the others that we need a picture of the pink shirt and maybe even you in the pink shirt.

  6. Yes, I too like men in pink shirts. I think we need a photo.

  7. Sallwood: No, it's not a puffy shirt. ("I don't wanna be a pirate!") Just light pink button-up shirt. (Is it button-up or button-down?)

    Carnealian: OK. Should I send this pic to the same address I sent those others? ;-)

    Heather: You girls are making me blush. OK, not really. But that comment did make me laugh :)

    Uisce: There. Is. Nothing. Wrong. With. A. Guy. In. A. Pink. Shirt. (Boy, it's really hard to type when you put a period after each word.)

    Xinh: Perhaps I'll see what I can do.

    Lass: Wow, it really seems like I've stumbled upon something here. Perhaps I could just create a Bone dress-up doll, then you could dress me anyway you like. LOL

  8. Sir Bone-

    Yes, please show us the pink... and thought you might like this...

    How you doin' indeed...

    - OCG

  9. darn and here I was hoping for a snippet of the script from The Pirate Shirt episode...


  10. I'm SO glad you're hooked on 24 makes me feel good inside.

  11. Bone,
    On the shirt: Girls like guys who wear pink because it appeals on MANY MANY MANY different levels.
    The reason so many women said something is because it's unusual but not wierd, so you do stand out.
    And it's button-down. Or dress shirt. People tell me 'button down' and I always think oxford with the button down collar tabs. But that's me.

  12. Share a photo with us girls... we like men in pink.
    It shows a side of them that is hard to explain... maybe because it shows they are ok with their sexuality?!?!

    So come on, give us a peek with a picture.

    Women love pink shirts on a man... Don't forget it!

  13. DVR'd it.

    Pink is a great color; you must see the repeats of Miami Vice. Don Johnson did great things for the color pink ;-)

  14. OCG: How youdoin'? ;-) Enjoyed the link. I encourage you to always forward any and all informative material to me.

    Rae: Oh no, I don't want to disappoint you :-) So much of that ep is visual anyway, with Jerry in the shirt, and the low-talker.

    Southie: Yes! I am hooked! And is it just me, or does Chloe get cuter every week?

    Darkneuro: Well, that's exactly what I'm going for. Applealing to girls on many many many levels ;-)

    Sherry: I will try to do a picture at some point. Perhaps I'll take one and make that my new profile pic.

    Pia: If the bright tshirt, white jacket look ever comes back around, I'll be ready.

    Feenix: I like a woman of few words ;-)

  15. For me, pink on a man is like yellow, you have to be able to pull it off. I'm guessing you do a fine job of that, 'cause you're a hottie anyway :-) Not to mention, if you didn't look hot in it, people just wouldn't say anything at all!

    I've never been to Nashville, but all your posts about it really make me want to go...maybe when I finally get to come visit!

  16. I'm with Arlene.
    If you're going to wear the Pink, you have to have the cajones to pull it off.
    Having said that, guys in pink are hotttttt.
    When they can pull it.
    Sounds like you can pull it.
    Wanna make me hott? :) Then follow, OC Girl's sugg and SHOW US SUM!!

  17. Dear Bone,

    You've been TAGGED!
    But this one is easy and should be a fun for us to read when you finish with it.

  18. I voted on your poll.

    You would not catch Keith Richards in a pink shirt.
    Do you have a strong desire to go home and watch the Golden Girls when you have it on?

    Sorry. I AM the devil's advocate. (or maybe just the devil). muahahahaha

    (Bet'cha look dashing)

  19. Arlene: Nashville is my favorite southeastern city. I think I can pull it off. I hope I can. I'm beginning to think some girls just want to dress guys up in different outfits. That's fine with me.

    Meghan: "Wanna make me hott?" It is my lifelong goal ;-)

    Sherry: OK, I'm thinking on that one. In the meantime, I have tagged you back :)

    Tenacious: "I voted on your poll." That makes me very happy :)

    Dashing? Yes. Golden Girls? No. (Actually, it was a pretty funny show. And that theme song gets stuck in your head... Thank you for being a friend... baaaaah ba ba baaaah baaa baaa baaaaah.)