Friday, January 27, 2006

The Winter of Bone

(from Episode 156, "The Summer of George")
George: "I'm really going to do something with these three months."
Jerry: "Like what?"
George: "I'm gonna read a book From beginning to end. In that order."
Jerry: "I've always wanted to do that."
George: "And I'm gonna play frolf."
Jerry: "You mean golf?"
George: "No, Frolf. Frisbee golf, Jerry. Golf, with a frisbee. This is gonna be my time. Time to taste the fruits and let the juices drip down my chin. proclaim this, the summer of George!"

I went running yesterday. There were several hotties walking/running in the park as well. Mentioned this to a friend of mine yesterday and she asked, "Did you pick up your pace and display perfect posture until you were safely out of their sight?" Well, of course! And I thought I was the only person who did that.

But enough about running and hotties and dodging old ladies walking. On to the important stuff. As I made my way around the second turn of the track, I noticed something new in the meadow. I suspected what it might be. But I wasn't for sure. (If you're thinking a special doggie surprise right about now, well good guess. But no, not this time.) As I continued running, I noticed others. And they were all numbered! I made a mental note of the objects. Then today, I googled what I thought them to be. And this is what I found:

Do you have any idea what this is? Any idea!? That's right my friends. Just as I suspected. It's Frolf! Frisbee golf! They've put up an 18 hole course! Here! In my town! You have no idea how happy this makes me. I'm bursting, Jerry! I'm bursting!

I wonder if there's a league, or if anyone can play. I've got to call and find out. I want to get up a game. Not this weekend though, I need a day or two to decompress. Get one of those recliners with a mini-fridge built in the side. Maybe The White Shadow will be on tonight.

Welcome, my friends, to the winter of Bone...

"Daddy was a veteran, a southern Democrat. They oughta get a rich man to vote like that..."


  1. I completely have the "running in front of others" posture and pace...

    I hate runnig on busy streets because of this... too much effort.


  2. Frolf- aka "Disc Golf" Very popular in big cities like Mobile, AL. *LOL*

  3. the hell...????
    Annika would be schocked and appalled!

  4. OCG: Yes, it's all about looking good while running :) You done the steps lately?

    Groovychick: Really? Have you ever played? I'm looking forward to it! I love frisbee.

    Heather: Well, Annika doesn't struggle to break 55. On nine holes ;-) With frolf, I can combine my natural athletic ability with my love of frisbee, golf, and being outdoors in a well-manicured area.

  5. Bone-

    What is it exactly that you are trying to say?


    Did you just describe your love of well manicured lawns? That def didn't sound too hetero of you... better watch out that outdoor buffer zone sounds as though it may be in some danger...


    - OCG

  6. I know of at least two parks in my city that have Frolf, maybe 3. I've never played it. My luck I'd fling the frisbee way off base and break someone's windshield or hit some poor little kid in the head.

    I'm such an optimist aren't I? ;)

  7. I heart the bellamy brothers

  8. btw, i went to see a movie, and two sets of what looked to be hetero guys sat NEXT to each other. I am sorry to be the one to burst the bubble, but your premise is false

  9. I can't get over the fact that you can even do something outdoors at this time of year. I mean, it's "unseasonable warm" in chicago right now, but no one is having a "winter of" anything.

  10. OC Girl: I'm not even sure what any of that means. However, I do really like your profile picture ;-)

    Chickadee: Actually, one time at the beach, I threw a frisbee and it got away a little bit. Ended up going towards this couple who were walking down the beach. I stood there in horror as it neatly clipped a camera the girl was carrying right out of her hand, never touching her. Thankfully, the camera was OK, and they were very nice about it.

    Crystal: The Bellamy Brothers? That was random. OK, my premise can't be false. So either:
    Your theater dwellers are not aware of the proper procedure.
    The theater was fairly crowded, making it OK.
    Or you need to concentrate on what you just typed, with "looked to be" being the key phrase there :-)

    Tara: Well, we usually don't do much outdoors here either. But it's been a warm winter. Highs have been in the 50's or 60's a lot recently.

  11. Is frolf any fun?

    I have no interest in golf nor frisbee...

    Is it safe to assume that I'd fail to find the amusement in frolf?

    THAT'S something to ponder...

  12. And again, too busy singing Song of the South to comment.
    But I'm going to anyway.
    Umm . . I can't even manage to get a Frisbee into the hands of the waiting person.
    Ask my friends, when we play Ultimate Frisbee, I suck so bad that I'm AVOIDED.
    My arm's a bit too strong and my aims WAY the hell off.

    Have you actually TRIED to throw that Frisbee into those little thingees??

  13. Wet: I'm not sure. But it looks fun. And it was mentioned on Seinfeld. Never assume anything. It leads to assumptions.

    Meghan: No, I haven't tried. I want to. Soon. Always wanted to try Ultimate Frisbee, too. And always glad to put a song in your head ;-)