Friday, January 13, 2006

A night at the Tetanus 8

I went to see Munich last night. In order to avoid any buffer zone problems, I stood at the rear of the theater waiting for my friend. Then before going to sit down, I quietly and inconspicuously said, "Skip a seat... little buffer zone." With the requisite buffer zone in place, I was able to focus on the movie. It was pretty good. And even though it must have been at least two and a half hours, it kept my interest.

The movie was at the older of the two theaters in town, often referred to as the Tetanus Cinemas, or the Tetanus 8. This is due to years of butter, spilled soft drinks, bodily fluids, and no telling what else caked up on the seats. It's quite the theatrical experience. I cringe when I find out that a movie I want to see is playing there. However, last night, the seats actually appeared to be somewhat cleaner than I remember. Perhaps they've done some sandblasting recently.

There was one ticket-taker and one person working at the concession stand. I got some popcorn with butter. The butter was barely coming out of the dispenser, just a tiny little clump at a time. I tried not to think about it. It reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer restores the Alex theater, and there's one old hot dog left in the container there from when the theater was open before. Yeah, that's what it reminded me of. Anyhow, then I asked for napkins, and was told, "Uhh, we sort of ran out of napkins. So we're using paper towels." I look and see one roll of paper towels sitting at the end of the counter. And it's the plain brown paper like you find in restrooms sometimes. With no perforations. So I have to pick up the roll and tear off these uneven pieces the best I can. Nice.

I didn't get home until around 11:00. Wanted to fix something light for supper, so I decided on a sandwich. All my refrigerated sandwich meat was iffy at best on whether or not it was still good. So I opened a can of potted meat. Not sure if this is mostly a southern thing or not, but it's only like thirty cents a can and is tasty, if unhealthy, on sandwiches and crackers. A definite bachelor staple!

Woke up this morning to the sound of pouring rain (just thought of that Skid Row song) and thunder. I lied in bed a little longer than normal, waiting for the thunder to subside before I showered, because of something my dad told me when I was little. He told me never to be in the bathtub when it's storming outisde, because lightning can run in thru the pipes, or is attracted to water, or something. So for years, I wouldn't shower if it was thundering. And if I had to, I would stand at the back of the tub away from the water to soap up, and only get under the water to rinse off for just a few seconds. One day I realized that I had never heard of a single person who was struck by lightning while in the shower. Still a little hesitant about it though.

Two of my favorites have birthdays today, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is 45. Thought about posting some of my favorite Elaine quotes or storylines. But that would be an entire post in itself. She's great in "The Chinese Restaurant." And "The Pick," of course. Also love her in "The Opposite" when she tells Jerry, "Can't you see what's happened? I've become George. It's true. I'm George!"

And Nicole Eggert is 34. She played the role of two of my favorite television characters of all-time. Yes, she was Summer on Baywatch. But I liked her even better as Jamie on Charles In Charge.

Have a great weekend! (And don't act like you don't luh 'dis lyric...)

"Charles in charge of our days and our nights. Charles in charge of our wrongs and our rights..."


  1. Umm, Bone... I might not be so willing to share with the general public that you eat "canned meat". The fact that it is even called "meat" is iffy at best.

    I had a boyfriend that actually ate Spam. I have never tried it, nor do I think I ever shall. I would not allow him to bring it into our house... that's just gross.

    NG at work was telling me that in Hawaii they have Spam sushi...

    Really not sure how I feel about that...

  2. I cannot believe you even set foot in a movie theater that full of germs, microbes, fungus, and DNA.

    Potted meat, now that's a first for me. You know how I feel about eating dead animals but, that stuff can't be anything more than snouts and well you get the idea. Ew!

    "It's not fair that people are seated first-come, first-serve. It should be based on who's hungriest. I feel like just walking over there and taking some food off somebody's plate."

  3. Alright this is coming from the girl who won't drink milk if it's the date of expiration. I would have rather ate iffy lunch meat then something called "potted meat." The name alone makes me want to vomit. Potted? Let alone calling it meat. Not so much there big guy.

    As for Charles In Charge...that show was awesome and every guy had a crush on Jamie. She's freakin' old today!

    I am scared to tell you...but honestly I've watched like three episodes of Seinfeld and wasn't too stoked. Sorry...not my thing. :)

  4. OC Girl: Actually, the entire name is potted meat food product. Not sure what that means. Have had fried Spam before. It's not bad.

    Carney: It actually crossed my mind that I should cover the seats with clear plastic before sitting on them. But, alas, I had none handy.

    Great quote! "I tell you what. There's fifty bucks in it for you if you do."

    Audra: Even worse, when I was younger and would hear Mom say the name, I thought she was saying potty meat. I was a good bit older before I noticed it in a store and realized it was potted, not potty :-)

    I know more girls who don't like Seinfeld than girls who do.

  5. The potted meat thing--yick

    Came to the same conclusion about showers during a thunderstorm

  6. Maybe it is a Southern thing, because I like potted meat. But then again, I like Spam too. Spam sushi is da bomb! And I also like those little Vienna sausages that come in a can. And I like the cheese in a can too.

    Does anyone remember Charles in Charge before the 3 blonde kids?

    And since we're on the subject of celeb birthdays, Orlando Bloom's birthday is today as well.

  7. ok ummm ewww and I think it is a southern thing; my father is from Birmingham and eats that stuff.

    OH and once again, thanks to your brilliance, I've figured out the strike through thing. THANKS!

  8. According to a program we watched on TV called Myth Busters, they proved, that YES you don't want to be taking a shower during a thunder storm.

    Potted meat, I have never tried, canned Spam, and another one called Treet (not sure they still make that one) also they have little cans of stuff called Deviled Ham and I think Deviled Chicken, I have tried all of these, but none are as good as actual luncheon meats. I wonder if some of the people who say they wouldn't eat potted meat buy from the Deli, either something called Ham Salad or Sandwich Spread? It's actually (most of the time) made from left over and dried out bologna or such, ground up, other things added, and most people think it's delicious.

    We also had a terrible storm this morning, I guess that was one way to start off Friday the 13th. Have a great week-end. Stay dry.

  9. I still think my idea for a potted meat recipe cook-off would be a killer idea. Actually, there's probably already some sort of thing like that. Again, Lass, too little, too late. Bummber...Oh what I would give for a fresh, million-dollar idea!

  10. Bone: Potted meat... I've lived in the South 18 years... never heard of it. Gross.

    OC Girl: I go to Hawaii all the time, never seen Spam Sushi.. of course on the other hand, I don't eat Sushi so... lol hoot hoot!

    Carnealian: I'm with you on that... Bone, you should have brought those Lyson disenfectant wipes with you... or just haved waited to go to see the movie in Huntsville with the rest of us this weekend at a -real- theater. lol


  11. Good post. Ewww, that theater sounds DISGUSTING. I wonder how old that butter was. Did you disinfect yourself when you got home? ;) Potted meat eh? Sounds like SPAM to me!!! LOL. My husband LOVES spam.

    My mom told me the same thing of the dangers of taking a shower during a thunderstorm. I have more-or-less dismissed it as a myth, but I also still hesitate to take a shower when it's raining.

    my favorite episode of Seinfeld with Elaine was the one where she was dancing. OMG, that cracked me up and still makes me laugh like a fool when I watch it.

  12. I don't even really know what you are talking about with this "canned meat." I think I threw up in my mouth a little when I read that. Maybe it's because I've never spent more than a couple weeks at a time in the Southern part of the country. Or it could be because I was a vegetarian for most of my life. Either way, judging by the reaction of some of your readers, I'd say I'm not missing much.
    How can Elaine be a favorite character to the same person who has designated someone from Baywatch a favorite character? Please explain.

    And people say women are hard to understand.

  13. Pia: I know. It doesn't sound so appealing. If you can just put it out of your mind what you (might be) eating. I can put away a whole can of that stuff with crackers.

    Xinh: Yes, I do. Can't remember their names though. It's kinda like Saved By The Bell the first couple of years, when there was just Zack. Before Slater, Jesse, Kelly, etc. It was just OK. To me anyway.

    Heather: Another vote for a Southern thing. And you're welcome. I look forward to the day I can read one of your entries, see that strike-thru used, and feel a sense of pride.

    Patty: Ah, Dad must have watched the same program :) Yes, deviled ham tastes quite similar to potted meat to me. Hope that you have a great weekend, too!

    Lass: I've never used it in a recipe. Never eaten it any other way but straight from the can. I do recall seeing recipes online for it though.

    Java: Hey! What is this, a chatroom? I'll respond to any hottie comments around here.

    Chickadee: I probably should have burned my clothes when I got home. It wasn't as bad this time, actually. Usually, the floors are all sticky and stuff. Along with some of the seats.

    I guess it is similar to Spam. Potted meat is a spread though.

    Elaine dancing! Yes, of course. That's probably what's she's most famous for. That, and her "get outs."

    Tara: Oh I was kidding about Nicole. Kinda. It's not hard to understand. She was hot :)

  14. Unlucky in love
    Unlucky in my life
    Guess it'll always be the same
    I?m the only one to blame

  15. Elaine 45? I can't even believe it. How very tragic! To me she'll always be that pushy girl with the wall of hair. Tear...

  16. I have some information on lightening...
    Yep, I'm just full of information these days. ;)

    Several years ago, I guess 10 years ago, we lived in a subdivision and around the corner from our house our friends bought a house. During one of those afternoon thunderstorms, lightening had actually 'came through the pipes' (or whatever it is suppose to do) and knock about 1/2 of her tile off in her shower... the tub faucet had a black smut color to it also.
    Nobody was in the shower...
    But after seeing that, I won't get in the shower if it is lightening outside.
    I don't know if it would actual shock you, but those tiles would damn sure hurt if they hit you in the head.

    True Story.

  17. Carney: That's a song, right? Glad you commented. I was a little nervous with my Friday the 13th post sitting there with 13 comments :-)

    Southie: Yeah, get out! I guess she's the youngest of the "Seinfeld four" though.

    Sherry: Wow! I guess Dad was right.