Monday, October 24, 2005


Congratulations to Lass for completing her marathon this weekend. I did my part by sponsoring her for mile #4 :-) And that was integral, I'm sure...

The Agony of Victory?
So, yeah, Bama is 7-0! Saturday's game was nerve-wracking as we squeaked out a 6-3 win over Tennessee, one of our biggest rivals. We made a field goal with 13 seconds left to win. It was maybe the most exciting ending of any game I've been to. However, I've decided that watching a Bama game, for me, is three hours of anxiety, worry, stress, and sometimes depression, and about ten minutes of jubilation. Aren't these things supposed to be fun?

Here's a pic I took of some random fans before the game:

Looks like a fun group :-)

For those who don't know, Tennessee's coach is a rather um, portly, individual, who seems to just get larger and larger every year. So that was a reference to him.

Restaurant Reviews
I've actually eaten at two new establishments in the area in the past few days. Last Thursday, we had dinner at the new JW Steakhouse at Priceville. Mine was good. I just had a cheeseburger. Others had mixed results. It's a bit pricier than the Moulton Steakhouse and Oh Bryan's, as well. Grade: C-

Then tonight, we went to the new Pizza Inn at Somerville. It was delicious. Decatur used to have a Pizza Inn years ago. That's the first one I've been to in a long time. Ran into Lil Bootay's brother there. The only thing was, they have a couple of TV's, so I asked the waitress if I could change the channel. She said OK. It was on Fox, and I wanted to turn to ABC for Monday Night Football. So I pushed the channel button and it wouldn't change. She said, "I think we only have one channel." What the crap? It was Fox. It's not like they were piping in some kind of pizza propaganda. That, I could understand. Grade: A-

Ya Deerty Bone
Discussed Halloween costumes today. Still want to go as Nelly. I think I could pull it off. Gold tooth, band-aid, earrings, bandana, wife-beater, silver chain, etc. However, it would be really sad to dress up and no one know what you were supposed to be. Anyone wanna go as Kelly Rowland? "Bone I... love you... Bone I... need you..." ;-)

Random thoughts
Walking thru the Wal-Mart toy department today, I realized that I think I would still play with toys if it were socially acceptable.

It was cold here today. Temps in the 30's last night. We went from short sleeve weather to winter coat weather basically overnight. We skipped right over long sleeve stage.

Cold weather means hot chocolate. And I love hot chocolate. I've yet to have my first cup this year though.

Still test-driving the car. Longest test-drive in history. Can I common-law take over ownership of this car if I just drive it long enough? I Carfax'd it today. It's been in one accident. The mileage doesn't seem to have been tampered with.

It's my tradition to rent a couple of scary movies around Halloween. I usually end up watching them by myself in the dark.

My favorite scary movie, I think, is the original Psycho.

Saturday I ate a slice of cheese pizza before the game, a hot dog at the game, and a greasy barbecue sandwich on the way home. Healthy!

"I'd love you even if you were bald." Someone said those words to me recently when I was talking about getting a few gray hairs. Kinda sweet, doncha think?

When the skies outside are dark and dreary and cloudy and gray, yet your world still seems brighter than the sun... that's an amazing thing.

"I said what about Breakfast at Tiffany's. She said I think I remember the film, and as I recall I think we both kind of liked it. And I said, well that's the one thing we've got..."


  1. Bone-

    OMG I had been planning on being Kelly Rowland this year.

    We are perfect together.


  2. WOW....And I thought I had already put in for the Kelly Rowland Spot. ;-)

    Oh well.

    I think your costume sounds great. You'll have to take lots of pictures!

  3. I want to be Kelly!!!!
    J/K go ahead OCG.
    I was going to comment on Pizza Inn. I've eaten there once. I'd rate it a 4 on pizza and -1 on cleanness.

  4. I know your bama football is important to you. But everything is bigger in Texas, hehe. j/k

  5. Aww! Thank you Bone! Mile 4 had a tough hill, so you had your work cut out for you!

    I don't think I'm going to dress up this year. I have a few years in a row now because we had contests at work, but not at my new job.

    Great restaurant reviews. I had a nice filet mignon after my 'thon. It was tasty!

  6. Okay, I'm so out of the loop I had to google Kelly Rowland - I'm 34, not 94. I have got to get with the program!

    I think I saw the end of the Bama game the other day. I was watching a 30 year old TV, though, and the picture and sound wasn't very clear. So, I'm not sure. Congrats, though, on the win.

    Get some hot chocolate! I would love some right now but it has caffeine in it and I can't have that before going to bed.

    I really am 94 aren't I? What happened to my 30's, 40's and the rest???? Geeesh! :-)

  7. Ladies, ladies... there's plenty of Jello here for you all to fight over who gets to be Kelly ;-)

    Lindsy: This one was clean. I guess that just depends on each individual location.

    Crys: Oh, I know you just dih-unt! I used to bury my head in a pillow and mope around for days if Bama lost. (I'm a little better now. A little.)

    Lass: Yeah, that's the other thing. I have to find somewhere to go. I'm not just gonna dress up and sashay around the house by myself. I do that enough already.

    Cindy: A 30 year old TV. Yes, I think you are 94, dear.

    You're 34?? Well, happy belated birthday! When was your birthday?

  8. Don't know what the rule is on personal property but for real property, you can adversely possess it after 20 years. In Tennessee, there's something special that happens at 7 years. I gotta read up on it tonight for a test on Thursday but that's the law.

  9. Thanks, Buzz.

    Most of you will recognize Buzz from his guest appearance a couple of weeks ago on the J&K Show.

  10. Well, I'd say you're taking football too seriously, but you may come kill me, so...uh, just try not to get an ulcer over it ;-)

    I really like the Nelly idea, and with all your props, only stupid people wouldn't know who you are!! I'll come worship you if that will help though.

    What car are you test driving? I keep asking, and as of yet, you haven't answered!!!!

    Since I have kids, I get to play with lots of cool toys. I actually normally play with the new toys as I'm wrapping them for christmas and birthdays :-)

    It's cooled off here quickly too, last week mid 80's, this week mid 60's. I'm really loving it though!

    So who's going to love you when you're bald? Very sweet comment! And gray is sexy!!!!

  11. Oh wow, I love hot chocolate SO MUCH. If you're still feeling adventurous after your trip and your massages, might I recommend going to Spain for a little chocolate con churros. MMmmmmmmmm..... :)

  12. Brunette: "Well, I'd say you're taking football too seriously"

    Impossible :-) It's 36 degrees here right now. Big Sweaty didn't even have the air on this morning. Of course, he didn't have the heat on either. But still. And I'm driving a Malibu.

    Sarah: LOVE hot chocolate. My financial advisors have informed me that my adventure fund is just about used up for 2005 (or will be after a couple more massages). Bone does Spain in 2006? Who knows. If so, I guess I'd have to go as my alterego, Manuel Labor.