Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen: Numero Seis

Thirteen lessons and discoveries from the past week (and other thoughts)...

1. I really like 24. I watched it for the first time Sunday night, partly because Fox was hyping it like a Blue Oyster Cult reunion special or something. Anyhow, I plan on watching it, if I can remember to each week.

2. American Idol also began this week. I honestly don't watch much TV, and especially not reality shows. I can't believe I got into watching it last year. But it can be addictive. Not sure if I'm going to do my weekly AI reviews again this year. As sad as it is, those were the first posts where I started consistently getting more than 3 or 4 comments.

3. Buying a pre-packaged ham & cheese sandwich at a Pilot store off the interstate at 2:00 in the morning just because you haven't eaten anything solid in thirteen hours is not always a good idea.

4. Sometimes friends will not tell you things like "The expiration date on that is 2005" if they think something funny or cool might happen.

5. This is quite possibly the most boring game on the face of the Earth. I'd rather shave my entire body with no shaving cream then bathe in alcohol. If you're at a party, and someone pulls out this game, make up an excuse and flee. Trust me. Fortunately, the Broncos/Pats game was on TV. That was the only thing keeping me from blowing my brains out.

6. Girls who like watching football. And actually know what's going on. That at least doubles their hotness factor to me.

7. I have a friend whose life story has apparently been made into a movie, Failure To Launch. About a guy who lives with his parents way too long. Tag line: "To leave the nest, some men just need a little push." Can't wait until this one comes out.

8. Two words for you: Rocky 6! Perhaps they should rename it Rocky 60, as in Sylvester Stallone's age. I love the Rocky movies. Is that just a guy thing? Kinda like the Three Stooges?

9. One of my favorite Seinfeld bits is Kramer's moviephone thing: "Using your touch-tone keypad, please enter the first three letters of the movie title now... Why don't you just tell me the name of the movie you've selected?" Hilarity!

10. I rediscovered an old guilty pleasure of mine this week, playing Scrabble online at Best words? Internal, fiz, lava, and zoon.

11. I have actually watched part of the World Scrabble Championships on ESPN.

12. I've never bought a gym membership. Perhaps for the same reason I don't have a tattoo. Too much of a commitment.

13. In 3 weeks, and 3 days, I will be 33. And single. Unless something unforeseen occurs :-)

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  1. Instead of writing your own AI recap, you could just read the ones done over at Television Without Pity. It'd be a lot easier.

    I agree that the board game version of Apples to Apples is boring. But it's much more fun if you and your slightly drunk party guests make the nouns and adjectives yourselves. Because then you come up with things like "Donald Rumsfeld's left eye" and "squeaky" or "Janet Jackson's ribs" and "removable."

  2. I love AI during the first couple of weeks. I guess it's the really crazy people that I get such a kick out of. I did watch it last night and didn't really find any of them funny.

    You know, it isn't natural to live with your parents for a long time. Then you end up like the nerdy guys that go to my church; greasy hair, thick black framed glasses and single....well into your 40's.

    Rocky 6?!? Give me a break. I'm over it!

    I'm no good at scrabble, so you can be on my team if we play! K?

    Yay your birthday is coming up! Will have to find something extra special to mean get you for a gift!

  3. Obviously you should make it your goal to get married within the next 3 weeks. Maybe you won't find "the perfect girl" or "love" or any of that, but it would make for some good blogging.

  4. Who knows, in the next 3 weeks and 3 days, you might meet 3 women!

  5. I loved that Seinfeld too. Along with all the others.

    And I wouldn't worry too much about still being single. My BIL is 45 and still single... but I'm not sure if he is straight. At least we know you're straight, so it's no big deal. You're just picky.

    Oh those pre-packaged sandwiches are AWEFUL! Everytime I forget that and buy another one, I'm reminded very painfully what a big mistake they are. BLECH!

  6. Xinh: The only two "hands" I won were with the cards "Saddam Hussein" and "picking your nose."

    Carney: I think we may do an intervention at the movie.

    Wow, now I'm actually looking forward to 33 ;-)

    Dan: You know, that's the most reasonable advice I've gotten all day. It is all about the blog, after all. Wasn't there a movie like that? Although I think there was a large inheritance or something involved.

    Veronika: I like that thought, too. A little numerology.

    Renee: Yeah, I'm just picky. I've heard that one before :-)

    It didn't really even taste like ham. It was like... cardboard.

  7. What? B.O.C. are getting back together? Woo hoo!! My 13 are up!

  8. But the website for the game says it's a wild, award winning card game! How could they be wrong? LOL. Ummm, yea, I think that looks like a snoozer.

    I saw another one of my favorite Seinfelds last night. It was the one where George was wearing his "little hair hat". My favorite scene is where George is complaining about his blind date being bald and he gets into that tiff with Elaine and Elaine yanks his toupee off and says,

    "I don't like this! And this is what I'm doing with it!" and throws it out the window.

    OMG!!! I laughed my ass off.

  9. You can also play Scrabble here:
    provided you have someone to play with.

    Right now, I'm playing several games with a bunch of Canadians and they're all kicking my ass. I think it's the extra Us they get to put into the words!!

  10. I like American Idol. I know it's silly but I watch it every time it's on.

  11. Uisce: I was wondering if anyone would get who that was.

    Chickadee: Yeah, I was shocked when I saw that on the website.

    Recounting your favorite Seinfeld scenes will always be welcome here :-) As I recall, that's also the episode where Jerry takes a lie detector test about whether or not he's ever watched Melrose Place.

    Xinh: Some of those people are experts, for sure. I usually just play against someone I know.

    Sherry: You, me, and several million others. As I said, it can be addictive.

  12. First of all...zoon?!?!

    Secondly: I'm also looking forward to the release of "Failure to Launch." (grrrr...McCon-a-haaay).

    I know a girl who loves Rocky. Molly ( And she can beat anyone in Rocky trivia. And dressed up as the Italian Stallion once for an 80's party we went to. I have pictures.

    Lastly: I got to have MORE COW BELL. (sweet)

  13. Great list. I like Scrabble too...use to play the one that you make your move and email it to the person you're playing with, and then they make their move & email it back, but the site disappeared a couple/few years ago and I haven't played since. (except for the boardgame version with my husband a couple times). I'm out of practice now for sure. I too somehow got roped into American Idol last season, and found myself watching it this week for the new season too. Just what I needed...another tv show to watch! LOL

    Thanks for visiting me at

  14. Tenacious One: "zoon?!?!"

    That's exactly what she said. lol

    I'll be doing my best to ensure that IYROOBTY brings you More Cowbell in '06!

    PS: Saw your mention of me on your blog along with the pic of Molly :)

    Courtney: Never heard of the email version. That must have taken quite some time.

    Southie: Yes! I'm on board now. So it's on Mondays, right?