Friday, October 28, 2005

Vehicle #7, Massage #3

Sometimes I try to make the letters in the comment verification thing stand for something. Like the other day, I had to type in WWZLG. My translation: When Will Ziggy Look Gay? It's a fun game. Or, just a game. Or, just something odd that I do.

I got another massage yesterday. That's number three, if you're scoring at home. This one was more painful than the other two. I apparently had a knot in my back, and she basically had to push her elbow all the way thru my abdominal cavity to get it. I'm actually a tad sore today. As I was discussing this with a friend, the following exchange took place:

"Was it a deep tissue massage?"
"No, just the one hour full body Swedish massage. Or as they now refer to it, The Bone :-)

OK, so they don't. Yet. But it made for humorous conversation. It also led me to think, what else could/would "The Bone" refer to? Hmm. I'll have to think about that one.

That reminds me of a story. Last year, after a video shoot, we went to dinner at Logan's. Dinner was on the company, so we were all ordering our steaks, burgers, grilled chicken, and what have you. Our crew included this rather corpulent fellow, and when it got around to his turn to order, he chose the 20 oz. porterhouse, the largest and most expensive item on the entire menu. His last name was (not really) Beasley. So everytime we go there now, we joke that we'll have The Beasley.

Speaking of corpulent... (Boy, the segues are flowing like milk and honey in the promised land today.) I get to work this morning and the temperature outside is 33 degrees. But does Big Sweaty have the heat on? No. Apparently, this is his kind of weather. That has led me to the conclusion that he is like a bear. I mean, he's about as large as some bears. He smells like what I would imagine a bear to smell like. Now if he'll just hurry up and hibernate, it shall be a joyful winter for those of us not blessed with multiple chins.

And lastly today, I have made the decision to trade in my truck for the car I've been "test-driving" for the past two weeks. The #1 deciding factor? The car has a CD player and cassette player, so I can listen to my Milli Vanilli cassette and sing along with Rob and Fab, unashamed and unfettered. Now, decisions don't come easy to me, especially rather insignificant ones. For example, a few weeks ago, after I'd lost my sunglasses, I went to buy a new pair. Anyhow, I spent at least thirty minutes looking at and trying on sunglasses. Finally, I was unable to decide between two pair (is it pair or pairs?), so I bought them both. I really need someone to go with me to help make these decisions. Like what to wear. I would love to have a woman to just ask, "Honey, which of these shirts should I wear today?" I have no problem with a woman telling me what to wear. I look forward to it, actually. Saves me thought and effort. How did I get off on this? OK, back to the original topic. I drove my truck for the last time yesterday. I plan to do a blog entry about it, sort of like I did with my old apartment. A lot has been changing in my life recently. New home. New vehicle. New hobby (getting massages). All I need to complete the cycle is a new job. And a new girlfriend. Or a girlfriend.

Hope you all have a great weekend and a spook-tacular Halloween! (Sure, it's beyond corny, but how many times a year do you get to say "spook-tacular?")

"I guess it's been a good year for roses and aggressions, for flowers and freeways. And I guess I'll put a smile on, get a new girlfriend. Yeah, put a new hat on..."


  1. I have a friend who when in high school had a friend named Doug. Now apparently Doug (from what I remember of the story) would go...#2 in a plastic a ziplock or something. I think it had to do with a camping trip. But anyway, from then on when someone had to go...#2, they called it dropping a Dougie! That's my gross story for the day!

    Are we going to see pics of your hot new car? Your chick magnet?

  2. So I was thinking that with the whole Kelly/Nelly thing, you were set in the girl department. If not, you can email me pics of your clothes, and I'll tell you what to wear every day ;-)

    I'm excited for you and your changes. I have a lot going on right now too, some good and some bad. But I think in the end, all change is good, no matter how much I dig my heels in on it!!

    So 2 pairs of sunglasses huh? That's actually the most interesting part of the post for me...leads me to so many interesting questions!!

  3. Yeah, I wouldn't try going into the massage place and asking for "The Bone" anytime soon. ;)

    Congrats on the new car!!!

  4. Quick! Someone send the Fab Five to rescue Bone! They can decorate his new apartment, teach him how to dress, and teach him how not to burn down his new place when he cooks a pizza! Oh, and Bone, do me a favor? When they show up, lay a big smooch down on Thom, then let me know how it was. He's my fave!

    Kyan would be so proud of you for getting those thing you know you'll be going in every two weeks for a pedicure! Before you freak out, know that a guy with well-tended feet is sexy! There's nothing more disgusting than going out on a couple of dates, then finding out he's got gross, snaggly, green toes!

  5. Carnealian: Let's make that the gross story for the year, deal?

    Yes, I'll try and post a pic of the car. And you already have a pic of my chick magnet ;-) (Wow, that didn't come out right.)

    Brizzle: "leads me to so many interesting questions!!"

    Such as? (Why'd I just ask that?)

    Sarah: LOL Definitely not. Wait until it becomes a little more mainstream.

    Lass: No. No. NOOOOOO! Ewwwwww! No pedicure. I'll wear socks. Plain black dress socks. Those are still hot, right? (Kidding... mostly.)

  6. See J-Dizzle, I can't even answer that question ;-) I'm just curious though, what other situations make you do 2 things rather than 1? :-)

  7. Brunette, you don't even want to know what makes Bone do 2 things rather than 1. You'd be better off forgetting that you asked that question!

  8. Who better to tell you which shirt to wear than someone who works in the fashion industry?

    I will fill out the application for that position if you send me one.

    Congrats on the new car!?!?! When ya gonna take me on a joy ride???

    I am gonna miss Big Red(look at that, I just gave your truck a nickname)though...It always seemed to know where to take you. ;-)

  9. Brizzle: Um, not sure. The thing is, I'm more decisive with big decisions, important things. Very indecisive with things like picking out sunglasses, choosing where to go eat.

    Buzz: Yeah, what he said.

    Tiffany: Your application is in the mail. Please include a recent photo.

    A joyride? That reminds me of Roxette. I need to get one of their CD's.

  10. Good luck on finding a gfriend.