Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Your Daily Divershown

Seinfeld Trivia
Wow, it's been a few days since I've done this. I can't believe no one has complained. lol Here's today's question: To what state do Kramer and Newman plan to take the bottles they've collected to get the 10 cent refund?

Friday's answer: The Human Fund ("The Strike")


What's wrong with this picture? Posted by Hello

So I finish up laundry last night and these two items remain. How does this happen? I paired all the other socks and this is what's left. I don't understand. I'm no good at laundry. I have a bunch of crimson Bama sweatshirts that previously had white lettering, and they now all have pinkish lettering. I even washed them by themselves. Help. Please. Someone. Anyone?

Finally got around to watching the Best of Sandler SNL DVD last night. Wow, I had forgotten about so many of those characters. The opera boy. Cajun Man. Rejecshown. Depresshown. Intoxicashown. Good stuff.

Work has been increasingly busy. I've been busier than Dennis Rodman's tatoo artist. (OK, that's a somewhat outdated analogy these days. Well, you come up with one, and I'll insert it.) As a result, I have yet to begin my novel. I feel like Chevy Chase in "Funny Farm", except I don't have the hot wife. So if things don't pick up soon, this could mean... um... derelictshown? (For the novel, not my love life. Or for both. Whichever.)

We had a pact! (Seinfeld Conversashown)
I did get to see some good Seinfelds yesterday on TBS, The Engagement and The Voice...
J: "Well, you know, we were having dinner the other night, and she's got the strangest habit. She eats her peas one at a time. You've never seen anything like it. It takes her like an hour to finish them. I mean, we've had dinner other times. I've seen her eat corn niblets, but she scooped them."
G: "So she scooped the niblets, huh?"
J: "Yes. That's what was so vexing!"
G: "Uh huh, uh huh. What about the pact?"

K: "I don't wear a watch."
E: "Well, what do you do?"
K: "Well, I tell time by the sun."
E: "How close do you get?"
K: "Well, I can guess within the hour."
E: "I can guess within the hour and I don't even have to look at the sun."
K: "Yeah."
E: "So what do you do at night?"
K: "Well, night's tougher, but it's only a couple of hours." :-)

"The end is coming, she don't even feel it. It's a strange sensation, I'm almost happy. Well I believe, that I'm just plain tired..."

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