Monday, November 08, 2004

The Most Wonderful Time...

Seinfeld Trivia
When George runs into Susan at the video store, what movie is he returning?

Wednesday's answer: Michigan (The Bottle Deposit, Pt. 2)

It's beginning to look a lot like... that time...
There is a local radio station (99.1) which for the past couple of years has switched to all Christmas music during December and maybe late November. Well, I flipped over there Friday on my way home from work, and they've already started... on November 5th. Christmas music 24/7! Wow. I love that time of the year. I love it, I love it, I love it!!

Now I can be online all the time!!!
Not that I wasn't already. My DSL package came in today! ("Me so happy. Me so happy, me want to cry.") Got everything installed and working. Then I called AOL to cancel my account, after seven long, successful... or just long... years. Have you ever tried this? Cancelling AOL is quite the ordeal. The fact that the service rep sounded like he had just immigrated from downtown Basra last Tuesday didn't help either. Shouldn't speaking clearly be one of the requirements for a customer service position? Anyway, all I kept thinking was this must be similar to what adopting a child feels like.

I think I'm gonna fix some dinner and get ready to watch "Listen Up!" You should, too. Gonna try to catch Tom Hanks and Nelly on Letterman later.
So, umm... later.

"I have built my world around a memory, and she's the only one that I let in..."

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