Thursday, November 04, 2004

The End Of An Era

The Last Days
(Taps plays. It's raining. Many Few are gathered. Women are dressed in black.)

You may be asking yourself what the above phrase means, the end of an era. Does it mean...
This is my final blog entry ever? Unfortunately for you, no.
This is my final day on the face of the Earth? Unfortunately for me, no.
I am finally getting married? Unfortunately no one, no.
It means that very soon, will be no more. After probably 7 or 8 long years, I will be changing internet providers. I made the call (actually it was an email) to BellSouth yesterday and finally ordered DSL. The old account has served me well, from the early days (when Shane and Kelly were the only two people I knew online) to the most recent email I sent (an email notification change to, it's been fun. But I must move on. Now as soon as I get a DVD player, CD player, and color TV, I will be up-to-date. What?

Million to one shot, Doc
Yesterday was nice. Work was super busy. We got the latest ratings and they are the highest they've been since I've been here, so everyone was in a good mood because of that. I don't want to jinx it though. Then some lady had made peanut brittle for us and and it was REALLY good. After church last night, I fixed some Hamburger Helper for a late supper, and ate as I watched Seinfeld. The Fusilli Jerry was on last night. Man, that is a great ep. Kramer gets the wrong license plates and Frank has an "accident" with the fusilli. lol The Bottle Deposit (Pt. 2) was also on last night:
Elaine: "Well, have they called the police yet?"
Jerry: "No, they won't call the police."
Elaine: "What? Why not?"
Jerry: "They're afraid they'll get in trouble for misusing a mail truck. Kramer doesn't want a record."
Elaine: "Kramer has a record."
Jerry: "Not a federal record."

As far as the novel goes, well, let's just say that since Notepad doesn't seem to have a word counter (or anything else much for that matter), I've had to improvise. I "stole" a copy of Office 97 off of Ebay for $69 last night. Pretty sweet, huh? Things are really falling into place now. Wheels are in motion.

Monday Morning Church
OK, so the past couple of days, over half the searches I've gotten hits from have been for this song, like 10 of the last 17 or something. So here's a link to the lyrics.

There was also a rather disturbing search for "George Bush is sexy." Uhhh... yeah. Wow.

"When my smile gets old and faded, wait around, I'll smile again. Started out clean, but I'm jaded. Just phonin' it in. Just breakin' the skin..."

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  1. hey, at, they can set up email fwding to any number of email accounts, if you wantt to just leave your AOL acct the same.. kinda like a filter.

    Not that I've ever used or any of their affiliate websites in searching for a date or wife or one-night stand.