Thursday, November 18, 2004

Buddy List Survivor

Blogging away while singing that old-time children's favorite, "Blog Some While You Work". Everybody whistle along...

Happy Birthday, Sis!
My baby sister turns 24 today! I can't believe she is 24. Anyway, I'm not writing anything sentimental or mushy today. Besides, I already did that last year. What's better than that? An entire blog entry for your birthday. Money can't buy that. Give the gift of blog this holiday season, my friends. You can't beat it.

Buddy List Survivor
I was talking to a friend the other night online on AOL IM under my new screen name. Well, they asked if I was going to be able to keep my old screen name, and I said I did not know. At this point, this person told me that they could not add a second screen name for me to their buddy list.

Have you experienced this? The space is too valuable. At last check, I believe AOL IM allowed 175 buddies to be listed. Often I find myself on the receiving end of a random IM from a chick. At some point, a decision must be made as to whether to add this person to my buddy list. Once I decide to add a new name to my list, then an old name must be cut, so as to keep the number at 175. It's a very difficult decision. It's like Buddy List Survivor! Or maybe Weakest Link. You are the weakest buddy. Goodbye.

(FYI, AOL would not let me re-register my old screen name, at least not yet. So my new name tfn is BamaBone73.)

Poor squirrel
I hit a squirrel the other day driving home from work. I hate that. I hate it, hate it, hate it!!!! I saw it from a good distance and kept thinking it would eventually run off the road, but instead it would take like a couple of steps and stop. I was saying, "Go, squirrel. Go!!! Go little squirrel." But it did not move. I tried to miss it, but I hit it :-( That ruined my afternoon.

Ebay and BE
How can you not luh Ebay? Sold our pair of tickets to the game this weekend for $350 on Ebay. Face value is $50 each, so that's like a $250 profit. Not bad. So I'll most likely go somewhere to watch the game on TV Saturday.

In other news, I was surfing Blog Explosion Tuesday, trying to earn some mystery credits. Well, at first, it was only taking 5 or 10 sites before they awarded some. Well, Tuesday I visited 54 sites before I finally won 3 mystery credits. Sheesh. As far as how well BE be working, my hits are up probably 50-75%, but I'm sure most people are just waiting for the 30-second clock to count down so that they can move on and earn more points.

"Or maybe head up north to Knoxville, Tennessee. I know my baby sister has got a couch where I can sleep..."

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