Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Winners and Losers

I actually got to watch the CMA Awards last night. Ever since I can remember they were on a Wednesday night, so I usually missed part of them, but they moved them to Tuesday this year. My favorite part (as you well know if you were online chatting with me last night) was seeing Kris Kristofferson inducted into the Hall of Fame. He is absolutely cool.
Over the past five or six years, I've really not listened to the new country music as much. They definitely feature a wide range on the CMA's, from Willie and Dolly, to George Strait and Reba, to... Big & Rich? One question... why? (I bet Lonestar regrets everyday that Rich left the band... or not.)
It was good to see Kenny win his first CMA's ever. I reckon he deserved them. I guess the big controversy was him getting cut off after winning Entertainer of the Year. Dolly Parton was the big problem (no pun intended). She rambled for like five minutes about nothing, before she gave the nominees. I still think they would have let him finish until he was like, "Don't start that music, I've waited 12 years for this. I'm gonna finish." Umm, guess what? You're not. I really liked Brooks & Dunn's new song, too. And they seemed like naturals as the hosts.

You're All Winners Losers!
(My politically correct side exits momentarily...) Somehow, someway, I ended up on some channel which was airing a reality show called "Biggest Loser." I was like ten minutes into watching before I realized they didn't mean "loser" as in failure, can't get a date, has no self-esteem, etc. They meant "loser" as in who can lose the most weight. So there are all these fat people up there. So, fine. I respect anyone who is at least trying to lose weight, but do they have to take off their shirts to weigh? I mean, there's like five men and five women, and they ALL have breasts, and the men all take off their shirts before weighing. Look, if it's not OK to show women's breasts, then it shouldn't be OK to show men's. That's all I'm sayin'. Some of these men were in serious need of a mansierre, seriouslah!! I mean, just leave the shirt on. If you weigh 300 pounds, I got news for you, that ultra-thin cotton t-shirt isn't what's tipping the scales. I'm afraid you're more than a couple of tweaks away from being healthy. OK, I just had to get that out. All I'm saying is just leave the shirts on. I sure don't think it's drawing more viewers, at least I hope not. Well, if you're offended and never read my blog again, well, I understand. That just means more bon-bons for the rest of us!! Wow, that is so wrong. I'm probably gonna be really fat one day now.

I wanna be a horoscope writer...
Here is my horoscope for today... "The Sun is in Scorpio and the Moon is in Libra. Learn just as much as you can, especially about beautiful things from afar. Pay attention! This could lead to great career advancements."

Of course, every horoscope could be applied to basically anyone. That's the problem. If I ever become a horoscope writer, I would be really specific, like this:
"If you own a frisbee, do not throw it today."
"I could not see the stars for the clouds last night, so I was unable to make a reading. Therefore, I would advise you to stay inside all day long and stay away from all windows and electrical appliances. You can take a bath, but do not shower. You might slip and fall."

"Tryin' to make this old town new again, color other than blue again. I'd have something to do again, instead of thinking 'bout you again..."


  1. I watched most of the show. I don't particularly like Gretchen Wilson but she is a great singer and I was looking forward to seeing her perform "When I Think About Cheating." But I missed it. I saw where Shania and Billy Currington performed and I'm not sorry I missed that at all.

    This was the first CMA show I've seen in several years. I always found myself listening to it on the radio on Wednesday nights in the past. Overall, I think the show was great but here are some points that I think are worth noting.

    Brooks & Dunn did a fair job of hosting. I don't think there ever will be a host better than Vince Gill. I'm looking forward to his return whenever that may be.

    I was shocked but pleased that Keith Urban won Male Vocalist. I'm not a dire KU fan but I think he deserved it. Out of the other nominees and the seemingly ubiquitous winners, I'm glad he won. And what a great acceptance speech!

    Faith Hill looked outstanding! I used to love her dearly and then she got married. She seemed to have gone downhill since but she looked the best I've seen her in a long time.

    The biggest disappointment of the night was the lack of quality in the show production. It looked great on TV but the sound was absolutely horrible. In a town where audio is nothing short of perfect, I expect a whole lot better than what I heard last night. None of the performances sounded even remotely acceptable.

    Martina will always deserve Female Vocalist. I wish I had caught her performance, too. I love that song!

    Big & Rich need to get small and poor because they suck.

    Way to go Brad and Allison for "Whiskey Lullaby!" WOW!

    And, finally, congrats to Kenny Chesney. I didn't realize he had never won a CMA award before. But what a night to win! Glad to see him win Entertainer of the Year. But why wasn't more time planned for an acceptance speech for the biggest award of the night? I think he had a lot to say after 12 years!

    As far as the presenters go, I was thrilled to see Randy Travis but he seemed quite nervous to be on stage. The dialog between all the presenters is obviously scripted and makes for bad TV. I suggest one of two things to happen. Either let the people speak on their own (they're performers so they can handle it) or only send ONE person to present the awards to where it doesn't sound so stupid.

    That's my take.

  2. "Big & Rich need to get small and poor because they suck. "

    Ha ha. Good one. Well, Randy has always been extremely shy. I think that's what you saw last night. I was glad to see "Whiskey Lullaby" win, as well. Obviously, the "jokes" and banter are scripted, but it's necessary for most. It's very hard to be funny on the spot.

    As for Faith, I thought she did a great job. She is 37 and has had 3 kids, right? So, she's not the young free-spirited naive girl she was when we first met her (what?), but she's still beautiful.