Monday, November 29, 2004

Matchbox Empty?

(excerpt from interview with MB20 guitarist Kyle Cook)
"Everybody in Matchbox was wanting to move on. I shouldn't say move on because Matchbox wants to make another record. We're going to make a 4th record."
Complete Interview

Has the final match been struck? I hope not. Matchbox Twenty became my favorite band not long after I first saw the video for "Push" back in 1997, and has been since. Looks like they are definitely on a break. Plans are to come back for another record at some point, but who knows?

"And we always say, it would be good to go away someday. Yeah, but if there's nothing there to make things change, if it's the same to you, I'll just hang, the same to you, I'll always hang..."


  1. I love MB20's first album, but I didn't care for their more pop incarnation. I didn't even realize they were on a break. BTW, I saw them 2-3 times during their "Push" days - most excellent live!

    kerry [at] webgrits [dot] net

  2. Well that's cool. I only saw them once, and that was last year. Now I'm glad that I did. I was all about some MB20. I even bought a Tabitha's Secret CD, which is the band that MB20 sorta evolved from :-)