Thursday, December 09, 2004

On the road again

Just because a girl sends you a Christmas card does not necessarily mean she loves you. It doesn't even necessarily mean that she wants to go out with you. Most of all, it doesn't mean that she wants you to kiss her the next time you see her. Take it from me.

The return
Well, the most accomplished distance runner in my apartment complex hit the road again yesterday, for the first time since this happened. I didn't run far, between a mile and a mile-and-a-half. And it was more of a slow jog. But I just had to see if I could get back out there yet. I'll be honest, it hurt a little. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever have full range of motion back in my ankle.

Well, let's see, I don't know what else I could tell you about yesterday. I suppose I could tell you that I cooked some chocolate oatmeal cookies, but then, that wouldn't seem very manly. So I won't tell you that, or that it actually crossed my mind to post the recipe. Hmm, I think I need to work on my truck today, change out the plug wires or something.

The little things
Here are two things I want for Christmas that I probably won't get:
- An autographed pic of Stephnie Weir, because, well, I love her (I'll also settle for a poster, letter, or personal phone call)
- Milli Vanilli CD

They shouldn't cost very much at all, but would probably be very hard to find. However, if you were to find either item, I'd gladly pay you for it :-)

The Good Stuff
"I'd go out with her... if she asked me."

"Why, because most of their houses are made from Adobe?"

"Suddenly, I feel a bit odd."
"Nah, it's completely normal for two 30-year-old men to be shopping together in the little girls clothing department."
"I feel like people are staring... even moreso than normal."

"And it's hard to love. There's so much to hate. Hanging on to hope, when there is no hope to speak of. And the wounded skies above, say it's much too late. Well, maybe we should all be praying for time..."

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