Friday, December 10, 2004

A Card From Bone

Finally! I got a new computer at work, with 3D Space Cadet Pinball, not that I would ever dream of playing that at work. (insert loud thunder sound effect here)

A Christmas Card From Bone
Due to popular demand... or maybe just because I've seen this on a few other blogs, I decided to do this. If you would like to receive a real-life xmas card from me (that's US Postal Service, not an ecard), just email me ( with your name and mailing address and I'll send you a real card (as long as demand doesn't exceed like a hundred or something :-P).

String up the lights and light up the tree
Do you know what these lines are from?
"I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so... scared."

"So Slater was right, you ARE taking pills!"

"I don't know if I'll ever get over Kelly."
"Excuse me. Do you believe in love at first sight?"
"On the other hand, I absolutely believe in love at first sight." :-D

If you said "Saved By The Bell", you are correct! There is nothing like hanging xmas lights while quoting lines from SBTB and singing New Kids On The Block songs. ("Step by step, ooo baby, gonna get to you girl.") That's what I spent most of yesterday afternoon doing. ("Tell me you'll stay, never ever go away.) Last night, we went to Huntsville and had dinner at Tim's Cajun Kitchen. Mmmmm, it was good! If you live around here and have never been, I'd highly recommend it. I had the seafood gumbo, cajun fries, and side salad.

Rock Em Sock Em
We were in one store last night that had the classic games Rebound and Rock Em Sock Em Robots. I was really tempted to get one of those. I can't believe they still make those games. Lee Glenn and I used to play Rebound all the time, although I can't really remember how to play, and I'm not sure if I ever really knew how. And Rock Em Sock Em Robots was just the coolest. I mean, their heads pop up when you hit them. You can't beat that when you're seven years old. Ah, the good ol' days.

"There'll be many a rooftop that won't hear the sound, of the reindeer's hoof stomp and Saint Nick touching down. When he wraps up a package of peace for the world, there'll be Christmas for every boy and girl..."


  1. When my roommates and I put up our Christmas tree we watched Saved By The Bell-College Years. I watched the whole series (3DVD collection) in two days!

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  3. LOL That was one show I wished had kept going. Saved By The Bell:The Young Adult Years , The Middle-Aged Years, The Retirement Home Years. They could've done it ;-)