Monday, December 20, 2004

Noncturnal Phantasm #1204A

I dreamed (is it dreamed or dreamt?) that I was going to take a Christmas card by an ex-girlfriend's parents' house one night, because I didn't know how to reach her. For some reason, I had to drive around the house to make sure her dad wasn't home. Apparently, he didn't like me. The front door was open and her mom was home. She was like, "You'll have to hurry because ______ will be home soon." I can't remember what name she said, but she was talking about the dad. Then she heard a car coming and was like, "That's him." I figured I'd sneak out the back door (not that I've ever snuck out of/into a girl's house before... caddddsssshhhh!!!!), but before I did, I asked her to give me the girl's cell phone number. For some reason, even after I woke up, I precisely remember the number she gave me. It was (313) 351-7556. What is up with that?

Anyway, back to the dream... I got out into the backyard and had to scale a fence. Apparently, I also lived in the same neighborhood they did, because other people were out in their yards and were yelling at me like they knew me. I was running really, really fast, then I heard the girl's brother chasing after me. I finally got really tired and just stopped. I told him not to tell his dad who it was.
The end.

So what does all that mean? Why can I so vividly remember that number? Maybe I should just call it. Or maybe I should just call the last seven digits, since it's a Michigan area code. Perhaps my destiny awaits on the other end. So again, it's (313) 351-7756. If this is your phone number, and you're a fairly attractive girl, or if you just happen to have any of these digits in your phone number, please contact me.

"We've gotten too complicated. It's all way overrated. I miss the old and outdated way of life..."


  1. I talked about dreams on my blog today too! Weird. If you go to this website you can figure out what your dreams mean-

  2. Very odd dream...but then again, aren't all of them? :-)

    There were no listings for either number you stated ( - but someone could just have an unlisted number too.

    My dream last night was that I was a step-mom to three teenage girls and they didn't like me. I was trying to be a 'cool' person with them but I knew that I couldn't spoil them with allowing them to do what they wanted. Odd, odd, odd. I'm not married nor am I dating anyone with why I was a step-mom I have no clue. The part about wanting them to like me is a normal thing in my life, so that's nothing new though.

    They have dream dictionaries to help you get a handle on what's going on in your subconscious to help with your real-life.

    /end book :-)

  3. You girls dreaming you are mothers. lol That's very interesting.

    I used to always have a recurring dream that I was in high school and I forgot my locker combination. lol But I haven't had that one in a long time. And I used to often dream that I was late for work. Boy, talk about a dream coming true.