Saturday, December 25, 2004

Oh night, when I get presents...

Well, I lined up most everything I got for Christmas on the couch. So here is a little Christmas collage. As usual, I got so much more than I deserve. See how many items you can pick out ;-)

And here is a closeup of some of the goodies:

My favorites? Hard to say, but I love my hooded Nautica sweatshirt, the Curb Your Enthusiasm DVDs, and my sister got me a new camera phone. Sweet. Oh, and of course, the Michael Jackson "#1's" CD, which I was a bit embarrassed to buy for myself, so I had to ask for it for Christmas.

"So when your done doing whatever, and when your thru doing whooever, you know Denton County will be right here waiting for you. Come back to Texas. It's just not the same since you went away. Before you lose your accent, and forget all about the Lonestar State..."


  1. Man! You hit the jackpot. Glad you had a good Christmas.

  2. Wow, looks like you had a good Christmas :) I got several really cool things, too, although I'm very upset that the 1GB flash drive I bought my boyfriend doesn't seem to work.

    kerry [at] webgrits [dot] net

  3. Kewl, you got a camera phone. Now you can photoblog!

  4. Thanks, guys. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

  5. I just realized you titled your entry, "Oh night when I get presents" lol

    That's like, Hey there Mr. Muslim....