Sunday, December 05, 2004

Abort, retry, fail?

I think that pretty much sums up Saturday. Went to Nashville. Discovered that it's still there. That's good to know. Shot some pool at Buffalo Billiards (free before 6 PM on Saturdays!) I think I found my game. It's cut throat. Since there were three of us, we played several games of that. I was the cut throat king. lol Here is the dialogue I want to share with you from yesterday:

"There's one of those um, hot women, with her little boy!"
(Someone rolls the windows down. Why, I'm not sure, except that yelling from our car is the best idea we've come up with so far.)
"She could be waiting on her husband... Yep, there he comes. Abort! Abort!"
(Laughter ensues. Window rolls up.)
"Abort, retry, fail?"
"You know, the retry option on that never did work."
"That's true. Never. And I never understood the difference between abort and fail."
"Oh, there is no difference. Either way, you end up going home alone."
"Are we still talking about computers?"

"Do you need some time, on your own? Tell me, do you need some time, all alone? Everybody needs some time, on their own. Don't you know you need some time, all alone..."

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