Sunday, December 12, 2004

No beef log...

Swiss Colony Beef Log, that's what Christmas is all about
What is it about hot women that just make you want to open your wallet? We were at the mall Friday night and I stopped at the Hickory Farms stand just to browse. Some guy comes over to try and sell me something and I brush him off. So as I'm about to leave, this very attractive blonde lady asks if I want a free sample. So I'm like, "A sample of what?" (OK, not really.) So I tried some cheese. As soon as she started in, I knew good and well that one of us was gonna be walking out of that mall with a beef log. Well, long story short, I ended up buying a beef log, a thing of cheese, and some wheat crackers. It's been two days and I've eaten two crackers.

I spent the better part of Saturday downloading and running various programs and searching online forums, trying to get rid of this annoying browser hijacker that has been on my system for a few weeks now. I found that many people had experienced the same thing, but everyone seemed to have a different idea of how to solve it. I ran Ad Aware SE, Spybot S&D, Hijack This, About Buster, BHO Demon... that's all that I can think of right now. I finally tweaked Spybot to where it would locate it and delete it, but then it was somehow recreating itself within minutes (usually seconds). So, I still don't know if I have it permanently fixed.

I think we're going up to Applebee's tonight. They're having their annual Tips For Charity night. I always try to go to that. If you tip $10 or more, they'll ring a bell for you. lol Wheeee!!!

J: "What does that sinking boat signify?"
K: "Uh, that's a metaphor for my life."

S: "Why did you come up here if you've already eaten at The Brick?"
J: "We just come to see you."
S: "Yeah, right."
J: "No, really."

J: "Are you gonna do something?"
K: "Like what? It's eleven o'clock."
J: "No, I mean are you gonna talk to her?"
K: "Oh, well no. Let's go."

"In the fights they had he'd cover up his ears. Thought big boys don't cry, fought back all the tears. Mama'd use her make up, to hide the bruises on her face. In the morning they'd pretend that there'd never ever been a trace..."

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