Thursday, December 23, 2004

Happy Festivus!

It's finally here! December 23rd, a Festivus for the rest of us! I wish you a most wonderful and joyous Festivus. All newcomers to the holiday are welcome, as Festivus has no religious, racial, or other prejudices. For more on the holiday, check out my earlier post, here.

The unofficial Festivus theme song
I thought about trying to write a Festivus song, maybe to the tune of White Christmas. Something like, "I'm dreaming of a white Festivus, with every grievance that I write..." But I think the mood of Festivus is summed up by a popular Huey Lewis & The News song. Reminisce with me if you will: "You don't need no money. Don't take fame. Don't need no credit card to ride this train." Here's hoping you feel the power of love on this wondrous Festivus. Hmm, maybe there should be a nationwide contest held for a Festivus theme. Then again, if it had a theme song, it would just become amalgamated with all the other holidays. So nevermind.

Search string absurdity
As you might imagine, Festivus has been a popular search for my site recently. Here are a few recent searches, some more normal than others:

- festivus airing of grievances dialogue (you've come to the right place, my friend)
- seinfeld fans and festivus party and knoxville (Why wasn't I informed of this?)
- steve o in wildboys (I'm his stunt double.)
- molotov cocktail diagram (Hmm, I thought I deleted that post... what?)
- mousepad loni anderson (Happy clicking!)
- swiss colony beef log recipe (Makes a young boy scream and shout...)
- "peanuts in a bottle"
- harry caray audio ferrell (I WISH I had that.)
- thongage (How is my blog the #4 site on alta vista for this?)
- seinfeld trivia "what book is newman reading" (That would be "Alive.")
- what does the phrase "ten two and four" mean? (It's a Dr. Pepper thing.)
- trivia/35 % of people do this in their kitchen and living room (Ummm... wrap gifts?)
- problem of bone weakness among astronauts
- kournikova
- richard dean anderson dating 2004 (Allow me... why?)
- Veronica Varekova (I never can spell that right.)
- corey deuel profile

"I know that time is standing still, I hear that old cliche. And I'm more convinced it does until that one december day..."

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