Friday, December 17, 2004

Ice Ice Baby

My 'Wrap' Career
I went to Huntsville after work yesterday and shopped for about three or four hours. Got most of my shopping done. Shot pool at the Brick, then it was dinner at Logan's, and a little more shopping at the mall and Wal-mart. I developed a migraine about the time we arrived at Logan's. Ugh. It was my first one since August 4. (I looked it up, because I knew I had blogged about it. lol)

I took off work today. Slept in until 1:00 PM! It's not that bad though, because I was up until 4:00 this morning wrapping gifts. I'm a decent wrapper, but apparently I'm a bit slow. I started wrapping a little after 1:00 and stopped about 3:30. I just now went in there and counted, and I only got 16 gifts wrapped, boxed, or bagged. Still have several more gifts to wrap and a few more to buy. A group of us are going to visit the Ice Fantasy exhibit in Nashville tonight.

Slow down, please
It's coming. It'll be here and gone before you know it. All the planning, decoration, anticipation. And then it'll be another year before it comes again. Seems like Christmas gets here faster every year to me. I'm going to try and slow things down this next week, spend quality time with family and friends, enjoy each moment, and just soak up the season.

"I'm not a kid anymore but I still believe, that those miracles occur. That's not something up his sleeve. And the reindeer pull the sleigh, and the elves still make the toys, Santa gives away to all the girls and boys..."

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