Saturday, December 18, 2004


It's been a long couple of days...

Left here about 3:30 headed for Nashville. A group of seven of us went to the Ice fantasy exhibit up there. It was definitely neat, however, I'm not sure it was $15 neat. $15 for about five minutes at 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Prostitutes don't even get those kind of rates... do they? Anyway, the most fun part was that they had three slides made of pure ice that you could slide down as many times as you wanted. Of course, if you did try going down more than a couple of times, I think that you would probably develop some degree of frostbite. Seriouslah. Shane, Sarah, and I went down the slides. Melody and Kyle stayed at the bottom and watched Ronald Reagan. I got home about 2:45 this morning. I took some pictures of the ice stuff. I might try and post a few of those later, since I know you're soooo very interested.

Speaking of nuts... the funniest part of the night occurred when we went to Opry Mills. We ate dinner at the Alabama Grill (where they had a VERY lame house band, by the way). Then Shane gets the bright idea that it would be funny to fly down the mall pushing an empty stroller, poppin' wheelies and such, because people would think there was a baby in the stroller. So, he takes off up this little ramp right in the middle of the mall. About halfway up, he loses his to-go plate which was sitting underneath on a little rack. So there's like a hamburger and tomato and fries lying in the middle of Opry Mills. Then some people started coming over to see if the baby was OK. ROFL It was great.

Oh, be sure to check out our pre-launch astronaut picture on Kyle's blog. (Payload Commander Bone is on the far right.) They handed out these giant blue parkas (as you can see). Well, when you come out of the exhibit, they have these pictures for sale lying on this table. At first glance, my honest reaction was, "Why are they selling pictures of the Space Shuttle crew?"

Slept until about Noon. Went to CVS and finally bought a slightly smaller and more flexible ankle brace to wear when I run. Picked up another Christmas gift. Went over to Decatur and helped LMV film some of The Nutcracker at The Princess Theatre. Afterward, we all went to Logan's for dinner. It was.. something.

"You should just start buying stuff for her."
"No, Kyle's already tried that several times. Doesn't work."

"He's got a girlfriend. This is the end of life as we know it."
"Why does that make you mad? You should be happy for him."
"I don't know... we had a pact!!!"

"Excuse me, um, you never finished giving me your phone number. I believe the first three digits were 2-5-6, but I never got the other seven."

"My wife Sandy looked over at me and she said, you're gonna get to see your momma for Christmas, aren't ya?"

"Cos what you did, you know, was wrong, and all the nasty things you've done. So baby, listen carefully, while I sing my comeback song. You lied to me. She said she'd never turn on me. You lied to me, but you did, but you do..."

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