Friday, December 03, 2004

Holiday traditions

This morning at work, I thought that I had forgotten to put on my deodorant. Things were getting a little sweaty. I use Mitchum, you know, "so effective you could skip a day." Well, I thought we were about to get to test out that little slogan. But, alas, something kicked in and everything was OK, so I must've had some on. Aren't you just so very glad you know that.

Chestnuts roasting?
What little things do you do each year around the holidays? Perhaps there are some that are unique to you, your family, or your region. Here are some things that I try to do every year:
- Watch "Miracle on 34th Street." It's my favorite holiday movie.
- I also try not to miss "A Charlie Brown Christmas." It's great.
- Go see the lights at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville. This usually ends up happening like every other year.
- Go to the mall on Christmas Eve. Even if I'm done shopping, I just like to be out on December 24th, just for the feeling and excitement in the air.
- I try to wrap at least one gift in aluminum foil. I'm not sure why.
- Danish Butter Cookies. Mmmm. And pecans. And candy canes. And chocolate covered cherries.
- I try to take at least one night and just drive around and look at lights around here.

I am going to try and put my tree up at some point this weekend. I usually have it up by now, but haven't really had much time. I think I'm going to Nashville tomorrow, so it'll probably be Sunday. But no tinsel. I find it distracting ;-) As the holidays draw nearer, we'll also be discussing the history and traditions of "A Festivus for the rest of us."

Scenes from a convenience store
Yesterday at the store, there was a very attractive blonde in front of me. The lady who runs the store asked her how she was and she was like, "I'm OK." The owner was like, "Just OK?" And she said, "Yeah. I'm still married to the same man, and he's still the same way." Well, as you can probably imagine, that made me want to go get my .45 and pretend it was a water gun and that I was very thirsty. What is the deal? Seems like there a lot of unhappily married people. I did read today where 23% of women ages 30-34 have never been married. I'm not sure how that helps me, but it can't be bad, can it?

Busy Benny
Things have been hectic... Jack called last night and said I could come by and get the money for the tickets. So I stopped by there. They are putting their house up for sale. Then Kyle called and was at Logan's, so I decided to drive up there. Bizarro Shane came in while we were there, carrying a case. I was like, "There's Shane with his laptop." That never gets old... to me anyway. When we paid, our server was like "I've been waiting forever for you to pay with a card so I'd know your name!" You can imagine how silly I felt when I realized I had never introduced myself. That's so unlike me... or typical of me. Whichever.

Stopped by to see my sister on the way home. I also got to see my dog, Sam. He had stayed at my parents when I moved out years ago, since I can't have pets here. But this past weekend, my sister and her husband moved him out to their house.

Random thought from last night: If a guy tells a girl who doesn't know him very well that he doesn't drink, it comes off sounding like such a line, even if it isn't.

Enjoy your weekend!

"Like when I open my eyes, when I lay down at night. Every moment, ever since the day you said goodbye. But you'll never know, cos I keep it inside. How am I doin' without you? Of course, I'm all right..."

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