Monday, December 27, 2004

Post-Holiday Meme

1. Based on what you got for Christmas, were you naughty or nice this year?
I must've been pretty good, or maybe Santa's just gettin' old.

2. What is your favorite gift that you received this year?
Umm, I guess my new cell phone, although I'll probably come to really enjoy my Curb Your Enthusiasm DVDs.

3. Will you be returning any gifts you received?
Perhaps one. I'm thinking of exchanging one of the pairs of Dockers I got for another color.

4. Will you be regifting any of the gifts you received this year?
Already have. lol And yes, I'll probably be re-gifting the angel stocking hangy things next year to some lucky soul.

5. Any holiday surprises?
Umm, well the cell phone was a surprise. And like three people that I did not expect to, got me a gift, so I did not get them anything.

6. Did you have a white Christmas?
Uh, no. We've had maybe two of those in my whole life. One of my cousins had to drive home from Arkansas though and had lots of snow and ice to come thru.

7. Are you sad or glad that Christmas is over?
Oh, there's always a little bit of a sad feeling when it's gone, knowing it won't be back for another whole year.

8. What is one thing you'll always remember about this Christmas?
Probably just having the gang over here to exchange gifts. That was cool. I always wonder if we'll be able to get everyone together each year.

9. What are your plans for New Year's Eve?
Don't know. I've been invited to one thing so far, so if nothing else comes up, I guess I'll go to that. I never do anything exciting for New Year's. I don't really think this holiday was created for us who don't drink.

10. Will you make any resolutions this year? Do you know what they will be?
Probably, although I've usually forgotten them by January 10th. I need to work on being on time for everything. And I need to start getting in bed earlier. And getting in better shape.

"She left Oklahoma for California, sunglasses on the brim of her hat. Smoke was pourin' from that old Cadillac, but she wasn't turnin' back..."

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