Saturday, December 04, 2004

A blog song... Bone Sandler

Ode to the Blog
When work gets too busy and I need a rest, I blog
When I should be studying for a really big test, I blog
When I should be trying to lose some weight, I blog
When it's been two months since I've had a date, I blog

When George W. Bush wins yet again, I blog
When the dollar is worth far less than the Yen, I blog
When something happens, or nothing at all, I blog
Winter, summer, spring, and fall, I blog

When the Lifetime movie moves me to tears, I blog
When I can't find reruns of Seinfeld or Cheers, I blog
When I wake up from a dream-filled sleep, I blog
And before I pray the Lord my soul to keep, I blog

"Every Christmas day makes every other day seem long. And what seemed would never get here, has so quickly come and gone..."

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