Monday, December 13, 2004

Search String Absurdity (and more)

Search String Absurdity
Today's contestants:
2nd runner up: "lyle menendez wedding picture" (Does someone think they may have missed the boat?)
1st runner up: "peppard puppy prison" (Could Hannibal still be alive?)
And today's winner: "my lactating sister's tasty milk" (That's just wrong on so many levels. Why in the world am I the #11 site for this search? Maybe I should rethink my subject matter.)

Sometimes, when I'm behind a really slow car, I want to pretend that I'm riding the Tin Lizzies at Opryland and just ease up and bump them along. Either that, or I wish that the park attendant would come hop on to their car, hang on with one arm, and floor it. Of course, even when you floored them, they were only going like 6 mles per hour.

Tin Lizzies? Why do the amusement park rides all have these bizarre names? Many now have like three or four multi-syllable words. Sometimes they rhyme. I think they just want to see if they can actually make people say these names. And the funny thing is, when you're inside the park, it doesn't seem the least bit odd to say something like, "Hey, let's go ride the Yellin' Swellin' Magic Magellan."

Tips For Charity
We got our bell rung last night at Applebees, in more ways than one. I was the first one to arrive, and since I hadn't been there in a month, everyone was asking where I'd been. It's nice to be loved, or something. Well, Beth is a mommy, Davina is engaged, and neither of those have absolutely anything to do with me. So that's good... I guess. Kyle and Cassie showed up later. We discussed everything from my Santa hat to Kyle's family tree to holiday movies. Davina and I were both excited about the new Charlie Brown Christmas movie. Oh, and how can I forget, she told us that the Applebees Christmas party was going to be at Leatherman's Fortress of Privacy, and that for some reason, a lot of people weren't going. Go figure.

When I got home, Miracle on 34th Street was on AMC!! So I watched the end of that and wrote out about two-thirds of my Christmas cards. And I was once again able to listen to my 80's online station, so I'm hoping my computer problem is fixed, because that was one of the sites that had been getting hijacked.

"We used talk about the weather, make it nice together, days would last forever..."

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