Thursday, August 05, 2004

Migrainus Headachus

That is a technical term, of course. You really shouldn't concern yourself with it. But that is what I experienced yesterday, the dreaded migraine headache. Ugh. After work, I met Kyle at Wilson Morgan to hit some tennis. (Also known as "How it feels to play tennis on the surface of Mercury.") Anyhow, after hitting some and going one lap around the track, I began getting a blind spot, which has always signified the beginning of a migraine for me. It is no fun not being able to see during rush hour. But I made it home, took a couple of acetaminophen, and laid on the couch for a bit. The blindness was gone and I was into the headache part now. Well, we'd already planned to meet at the steak house for dinner at 5:30, so I did that. Had some cheese sticks (mmm!) and a sirloin, medium-well. It was excellent. From there, I went straight to church.

That is the first migraine I have had in a good while, at least since last year, maybe longer. I am 99% sure this one was caused by my lack of sleep. Maybe that will be the kick I need to start getting in bed earlier. Anyway, I figured you'd be interested in hearing all the details. lol Oh, I was going to say one of my pet peeves is when people have a bad headache and they just assume it is a migraine. They have specific characteristics, and can be very debilitating. The first time I had one was in high school. I was sitting there looking at the clock and noticed that I suddenly couldn't see clearly. Ever since, mine have always started with that familiar blind spot, which usually lasts anywhere from 10-30 minutes for me. Then I have the headache part, with varying degrees of pain. A few times, they have made me sick to my stomach. Not everyone gets the blindness though. In my opinion, one of the best ways to tell if you've had a migraine is by shaking your head really fast several hours later or the day after the headache. If there is lingering pain or soreness when you do that, then it was a migraine. They also usually leave me feeling really weak and tired. I can't complain though, because I have known people whose migraines last for a day or two. OK, well, I'm sure this has been my most entertaining post ever. Just more info about Bone. You will be quizzed later.

"Day breakin' on the boulevard. Feel the sun warmin' up your secondhand heart. Light swimmin' right across your face, and you think, maybe someday, yeah, maybe someday. For all you know, this could be, the difference between what you need and what you want to be..."


  1. So there is going to be a quiz on bone later? Hmmmm wonder how I'll do?

  2. Well I actually have thought about making up one of those little quizzes that you can do online about yourself, and send to friends. See who really knows me best ;-) I'll have to find some time to do that.

  3. ah i don't have many migraines but michelle does so i take her home in a darkrooom and she lays down puts a wet washcloth on her forehead and i massage her that makes her feel better.That relieves stress better than anything other than having a good pillow fight WHAT lol