Monday, August 09, 2004

Surrealism by Bone

VH-1 Announces Lineup For Surreal Life 3

It's not often you can fit Jordan Knight and Joey Gladstone into the same bloglet. These opportunities are rare, so when they present themselves, one must pounce. Besides, Surrealism always was one of my favorite movements. And already this morning, this has led to some fond New Kids memories:

"I used to have Jon, the doll."
"You liked Jon? He didn't do anything. He was like Danny."
"It was hot!" ROFL

Feel free to relive some of your own.

"I'm a bad boy, cos I don't even miss her. Yeah, I'm a bad boy, for breakin' her heart. Now I'm free, free fallin'..."


  1. Remember this?

    "Sneaking downstairs, on christmas eve, I saw a sight that you just wouldn't believe. Saint Nick by the fireplace, dusting off his booty with a frown on his face. He say "hey" I said "what" he said "you" I said "what" he said " you left the fire burning and I burnt my butt". So now I've learned, you've got to turn, the fire down so santa won't get burned."

    HAHA classic stuff, wow

  2. OK, if you're gonna post New Kids lyrics, you must claim them. lol I can't believe we've reached this point. "Please don't go girrrrrrl. You would ruin my whole world..."

  3. Surrealism is GREAT-- Salvador Dali, is one of my fave surrealist, or artist at all, for that matter(:

  4. Wow, I'm impressed. I think Dali is the only surrealist I know, though, or at least that I can think of at this moment, but I do enjoy it.

    Now, could someone post Donnie Wahlberg's filmography WOOOOOOOOOO!!!