Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Da 'Lympics, Celine-aholics, & New Stuff

I watched about five minutes of the Olympics last night. Gymnastics was on and the announcers were saying how Romania had a chance at the gold medal and all this. Right about that time, the Romanian guy does a release on the high bar and falls. I couldn't help but be reminded of the Seinfeld bit: "I trained. I worked out. I exercised my entire life. I never had a date. I never had a drink. I was doing push-ups since I was a fetus. I flew half way around the world. Everybody I knew in my whole life was there. (amend here) I get ready for my release on the high bar routine and then.... Ooooh!! I fell. It's all over. Bronze medal. Nice try."

A couple of those dismounts were really bad though. I was thinking, "You mean these are the best gymnasts in the world? If nothing else, stick the landing. One guy was wobbling around like he'd just downed several bottles of vodka or something, not that I have any idea what that would be like.

Otherwise yesterday, went and got a haircut after work. Inadvertently found out how old Stacy was as I was telling her that my sister got married:
"So how old is she?"
"Ummm... 23."
"Well, she got married young... of course, I'll be 21 when I get married."
"You're getting married?"
"Yeah, next summer."

See, my friends? There are ways. Dad had called and wanted me to come cut the yard, so I did that yesterday, as well. Game three of the fall league softball season is tonight at 8:00, I think. Wish us luck. We need it.

In other news, check out the new blogger toolbar at the top of my blog. You can do a search of my entire blog by using the search box at the top, which is pretty cool, doncha think? Also, I've added a couple more Sein links on the right. Sein Wars is a pretty comprehensive site with an ep guide, seinfeld aptitude test, and other features. And Seinfeld Scripts is simply what it says, a site with every script. From what I have seen also, they include a lot of the episode openings and monologues that are sometimes cut off in syndication.

That's about all I've got for now. Oh, I had a Celine relapse last night. Those are always disturbing:
Me: "I think someone has my Celine Dion CD."
J: "Well, you better get it back.... please don't ever say that again."

"Everytime I look into your eyes, I wanna say that I apologize. I can't change, I thought you knew. I'm not the one to stay with you. You don't need a crazy love like mine, that comes and goes from time to time. So save your heart and save your dreams. Forget about me..."


  1. Who "really" cares about the oylmpics anyway, I mean maybe it's just me, but it suggs =)

  2. There IS something great about the Olympics..his name is Michael Phelps(; *yum*

    Oh..wait..what are we talking about again? oh yeahhh...I have a Celine Dion cd, it's like a greatest hits of some sort... I enjoy voices that carry a range I couldn't even get on my walkie talkies. (:


  3. Phelps... gimme a break. Where's the women's soccer team anyway? Mia, Brandi, etc. That's what America wants to see (: