Monday, August 02, 2004


I wonder sometimes if my blog is too "blue." Then I'm like, nah! Where else can you find at least nine distinctive shades of blue in one place, outside of a 128 count box of Crayolas?

Well, after services last night, I decided I didn't want to go to the river by myself, for fear of looking like one of those psycho loner freak people. So instead I cruised over to Matt's, aka The Place To Be. OK, not really. Anywho, sat there and watched Remember The Titans and the original Rocky. Ordered Steak Out for dinner. I tell you what, I've always had a good experience there. Some of the restaurants around the area could really take a lesson from them. The food is hot, cooked correctly, and delicious. It's a party for your palate.

I was thinking about ranking the Rockys, but then I thought in my mind, they pretty much go in chronological order from best to worst. The Russian kills Apollo in Rocky IV? Gimme a break. You can't do that to Carl Weathers. I didn't remember until last night that Joe Frazier made a cameo in the first one. Another interesting factoid I learned is that the original ending of Rocky had him throwing the fight with Apollo on purpose in order to buy a pet store for Adrian. Seriouslah. Yeah, I'm sure that workshopped real well. It's hard to beat the end of Rocky II though. When you really stop and think about it, Rocky Balboa was just a simpleton. Some might say, a cock-eyed optimist, who got caught up in the high-stakes game of prize fighting.

One thing I thought about while watching RTT is, wouldn't it be a dream come true to meet a girl who actually loved football, understood some of the strategy, etc? That would make me happier than a full presidential pardon would make Martha Stewart. Oh well. Instead, I turn to my Xbox. I finished up my second season on the AA level this weekend. I went 12-1 and beat Penn State 7-6 in the Rose Bowl in an epic defensive struggle to clinch the national championship. So I'm sitting there going thru the postgame crap and thinking, I guess I'll go up to the Heisman level for the next season. Suddenly, a little message pops up that says, "The NCAA has placed your school on probation for 2 years. This will result in a loss of 10 scholarships for each of the next 2 seasons." What the crap?! This is all too real. The good thing about Xbox is (or was) that your favorite teams can be good on there, when in reality they suck.

Well, much like the past 30 years of my life, I wish this had been more entertaining. But let's face it, it just wasn't. Dad called and wants me to come cut the grass today. I was hoping to crash all afternoon, but I guess I will go do that. At least I should get a little sun.

"Look into your heart, pretty baby. Is it aching with some nameless need? When there's something wrong and you can't put your finger on it, right then, roll to me..."

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  1. It could rain. If it grass cutting. Either way you have time for a little nap.