Saturday, August 21, 2004

Nocturnal Phantasm #804A

How long have I been asleep? What year is this?

Actually, this wasn't nocturnal. I laid down about 6:20 yesterday evening for a short nap, setting the alarm for 7:00. So I suppose it would be diurnal. Anyhow, in that short amount of time, I had one whacked out dream. So, analyze this:

It started out with me and someone (can't remember who now, seems like it may have been a girl) going to play pool. The next thing I remember, I am waking up out of what feels like this deep sleep, and when I come to, some friends and/or family are around. The whole rest of the dream, I am awake, but everything is really dim and my head feels like it's in a thick fog. Everything is kind of dark, and I also have a headache. So I start asking what day it is, and I get different answers. Someone tells me I've been asleep since Thursday, someone says since Tuesday. Someone else says just a few hours. But at some point, I deduce that I have been knocked out for quite a while, more than a day anyway.

Again, several people I know are telling me different things when I ask "What happened?" It's like they will start to tell me, then they start to change the story or be very vague, trying to hide the truth from me. So anyway, I finally piece together that something bad happened while I was playing pool, someone hit me or something. I keep asking things like "What happened", "Am I gonna be all right", and "How long have I been asleep" but can never get the same answer or a straight answer.

Finally, near the end of the dream, Jack and I are at Applebees (except it doesn't look like Applebees, but I just know it is). Bobbie, her boyfriend, and Amanda walk in. She sees us and says hi, and asks if I'm OK. This is the first she's seen me, so she doesn't know anything has happened. I say, "I don't think so." They walk on, while Amanda goes into a separate room from them. I walk in there and she tells me something to say to Bobbie, but I can't remember now what she said. Suddenly, I realize that I've had on a cap since the incident, whatever it way, but I had taken off my cap to go into Applebees. I run to the mirror and my hair is freakin' sticking out like I just stuck my finger in an electrical socket. So I'm all freakin' out about that, trying to fix it so if I see her again. Finally, I give up and decide to just put my cap back on, but for some reason, it won't go on right. No matter how I turn it, I can't get the bill to be at the front. It always looks like it's on backwards, even though I turn it every which way. Also, it is suddenly way too big for my head.

Jack's phone rings and I realize that Bobbie has called him from wherever they are sitting. I hear them talking and I gather details from what he is saying about what happened to me. I reach up to rub my head, since I've got a headache, and I touch this barren place and kinda yell out because I'm startled. Jack tells me that's where they had to operate. I say, "They cut my head open?" He says yes. Then I ask him over and over, "Am I all right? Do I have brain damage?" But he will never tell me. Finally, I wake up. It is 6:50. All that happened in a very short time. I feel something wet, and notice there is an abnormally large amount of drool on my pillow and my comforter. (Nice, I know.) I wonder if that signifies anything. I sure hope this doesn't become a recurring dream.

"I was dreamin' when I wrote this. Forgive me if it goes astray..."

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  1. That is a very interesting story there Jeff. I actually enjoyed the story. I need to pick up the last book I was reading and get some more reading in my life...oh wait, I read out of close to 100 books a semester! I guess, I don't need to read any more...none the less, I enjoyed your story.