Monday, August 30, 2004

8-bit Insanity!!!

Well finding the ol' Nintendo the other night sure brought back a lot of memories. The original game pad, two-buttons, start, select. What a system. Going from the Atari 2600 to the Nintendo was like going from scrubbing your clothes on a washboard to a brand new Whirlpool washing machine. Anyway, I decided it would only be fitting to come up with a list of my five favorite games on the Nintendo, at least that I can remember. So here you go (in no particular order):

1. Super Mario Bros. - Has to be the best throw-in game ever for any system. A classic, although it kinda got ruined once you learned the shortcuts, which cut out 80% of the game.
2. RBI Baseball - This is the game I used to stay up all night playing. Blistered my thumb multiple times on this one, even if there were only ten teams to choose from (BO, CA, DT, HO, MN, NY, SF, SL, NL, AL... I think. What?)
3. Commando - Nothing like running thru the desert, one lone guy, randomly tossing grenades here and there, and mowing down hundreds of enemy soldiers with your machine gun. I always found those motorcycle things kind of humorous though, cutting across the desert sand. What's up with that? What's that, you never got that far? Oh, too bad ;-)
4. 1942 - In this game, I was in World War II. I mean, really there, shooting down Zeroes and kamikazes left and right. I loved 1942 & 1943, but I thought the simpler 1942 was better. In 1942, if you got hit you nosedived into the Pacific Ocean. In 1943, you just lost a few energy points or something. Crash & burn, babee! Crash & burn!
5. Tecmo Super Bowl - I thought this was a pretty advanced Nintendo game. Every NFL team, season-long stats. This was an early precursor to the Madden games and the NCAA Football that so many guys and their girlfriends so thoroughly enjoy today.

Well, those are five of my favorites. Give me those five games, and I would probably still stay occupied for hours, however sad that may be.

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