Friday, August 06, 2004

In the air tonight...

Can you feel it? Have you been outside today? When I got out of the truck at work this morning, it felt like fall to me. There has been just a touch of coolness in the air, a brisk northern wind blowing all day long. Every year there is that first day where you feel the change in the air. Today was that day for me. I am not sure that it is anything I can describe with words. I just feel it. Just the hint of a chill in the air brings to mind every other fall gone before, every other time that I have been here. The wind blows, but it brings a peaceful, familiar feeling, and a thousand memories from the past. Without warning, my mind drifts back to being in school, leaves falling, Friday night and Saturday afternoon football. I know some hot summer days still remain, but that first change in the air signals the beginning of the end, causing me to reflect on the summer that was, while at the same time knowing that the cooler days of fall and winter are just around the corner.

Days like today make me just want to do everything I can possibly do outside. (So why am I inside blogging?) I want to turn off the air and ride around all day and night with the windows rolled down. I want to make it last as long as possible, letting the wind hit my face, and basking in the sun until the last drop of daylight has disappeared.

"The last time I saw her it was turning colder, but that was years ago..."

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  1. yes i can feel the crisp fall weather i love it . i did the same thing went out driving with the windows rolled down listening my music.also rodeo weather u know u want to go bull riding so you'll be popular with the ladies oh wait your already popular with me lol. see ya hopefully at your ballgame and btw your not supposed to injure your teamamtes lol