Sunday, August 29, 2004

Rescue The Princess!

Maybe I should have asked the doctor, "How long until I can resume regular blogging?" Walking, running, softball, that's all good and stuff, but let's get down to what's really important, right? Sorry for not posting for so long. I've been spending a lot of time lying on my back with my foot elevated. What joy. I'll try to recap briefly some of what's been going on the past few days. Some of you have had some really good lines that didn't make it into the blog. They got left on the cutting room floor. Sorry, it's a tough business.

I guess the most important thing that has happened over the past few days is that while going thru stuff for our yard sale, I ran across my old NES. Oh wow. If I had spent a tenth as much time working on a relationship as I did playing that thing, I'd have been married long ago. Well, I couldn't find the power supply for it, so I've got to go buy one. (Sell it? Who said that? Have you lost it, man?) Anyway, Kyle came over Friday night to get a program from a wedding I helped film a few weeks ago and I showed it to him. So after we went to eat at the steak house, he took the NES home to play, because he has the power supply and adapter, but his system is messed up. That led to these random funnies:

"Actually, I've been playing Kid Icarus for a little while."
"Wow, I never thought I'd hear that sentence after 1992."

"I think there's a whole in that bridge somewhere.""Oh." (toss grenade, tunnel appears) "There it is.""Wow, I don't know why I remember that."

Remember when you'd get to the end of a level on Mario and it'd be like, "Thank you, Mario, but our princess is in another castle." And the first time thru, you wondered if you were ever gonna get there, and how many castles there were. Hmm. I feel a new entry coming soon, Bone's top five NES games. lol

Oh yea, my sister and I had a yard sale Friday and Saturday. I'd rate it a success. The whole thing was my idea. I talked her into it sometime around Monday or Tuesday, then injured myself Tuesday night. So she pretty much got stuck with setting it up and everything. But she was great about it. Got to see Shane and Melody last night. They were in town for Shane's bday, which is today actually. Happy birthday!

Not a whole lot else has been going on around here. Like I said, spending a lot of time with my foot elevated, trying to reduce the swelling. I still could not get my shoe on, as of yesterday. So I'm a little concerned about that. Oh yeah, and I have to take baths. Hang my leg over the side of the tub so as not to get the bandage wet. Nice visual, I'm sure. I don't care for baths. I mean, it's disgusting. I'm sitting there in a tepid pool of my own filth. I now think that one of the worst things in life would be having to have someone bathe you all the time. It is really amazing the things I take for granted. Walking. Yes, that's a big one right there.

Well, enough wallowing for now. I tell you what though, it's times like this when it would really, really pay off to be married. lol Take it from someone who knows... or someone who obviously has no clue. I guess I'm going to try and go back to work tomorrow. Oh, college football kicked off last night. I'm so ready for it! Hopefully, I will be healed up enough to go to the Bama game on Saturday. Well, I guess I'm gonna finish watching this Scooby Doo Meets Laurel & Hardy movie on Cartoon Network :-)

"Was I out of my head? Was I out of my mind? How could I have ever been so blind? I was waiting for an indication. It was hard to find. Don't matter what I say, only what I do..."

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  1. I'll tell you what, there ain't nothing like playing CONTRA on the ol' 8-bit NES... You simply can't get better than that.

    I find it really cool.. or very disturbing... that I remember all the patterns to the appearance of the enemies and remember how to time my jumps on the vertical scrolling portion of the game. (As you wintessed last night.) ROFL

    Well thanks for the memories man.