Thursday, August 19, 2004

He could throw that speedball by you...

Ran into David Marsh last night at the steak house. His leg was all braced up, so I was like, "What happened?"
"Oh, I hurt it in church league ball a couple of years ago and I'm just now having surgery."
Well, my friend, I will probably be there as well at some point, with my shoulder. Maybe us old folk are just trying too hard to cling to those glory days, trying to recreate just a few more moments of past athletic success, when our prowess on the court or the field isn't what it once was. Eventually we end up looking like Karl Malone: injured, clearly past our prime, and still with no NBA Championship.

In other news, his wife is 'specting in October. What is it about October and babies? That's like at least 3 people I know due to have their first child in October. Fun stuff. Fortunately, I'm not a woman and have no (legal) wife, so I don't have to worry about showers and stuff.

At some point yesterday, I became engrossed in the 2004 World Series of Poker on ESPN. They are finally to the main event. Moneymaker is playing. Anyway, at some point I must have dozed off on the couch, and I had this dream that I was playing some new kind of card game with other people. I knew the people in my dream, but can't remember who they were now. Anyway, one of them said something about Phil Helmuth (who is a famous poker player) and when I woke up, I realized that what the announcers had been saying on TV had infiltrated my dream. Cool.

Sometimes I wonder how long it will be until we see all these Kias broken down on the side of the road. I mean they have such low prices, there must be a catch, right? I dunno. Maybe not. I guess we'll see.

I feel a similar hesitation to buying a Saturn. Anyone have/had a Saturn? How was it? I know Bunny did at one point. Seems like she wasn't crazy about it. I have been intrigued by the Saturn Vue. But again there is that hesitation...

Saw a Huddle House bumper sticker on an SUV on the way into work this morning. I don't know why I found that odd, but I did.

This cookies and cream granola bar isn't as good as it originally sounded.

Oh, I almost forgot, I think I saw the beginnings of a bust/raid the other day. There is this small apartment complex on Austinville that I passed on the way to buy my Pepto the other day. Well, I noticed two white guys getting out of a car, and I thought to myself, in all the times I have passed this particular complex, I have never seen anyone white there. In the same instant, I noticed they were getting out of what looked like an unmarked police car, and they had parked long-ways, behind and perpendicular to the other cars. They were dressed like Crockett and Tubbs... or maybe Starsky and Hutch, but still. And one of them reached around like he was making sure his Luger was strapped on. Anyway, I went around the corner about the time they were knocking at the door.

"I hope when I get old I don't sit around thinking about it, but I probably will. Yeah, just sitting back, trying to recapture a little of the glory of. Well, time slips away and leaves you with nothing mister but, boring stories of glory days..."


  1. October babies...9 months after the coldest nights of the year. You do the math. :-)

  2. I like Saturns. I don't necessarily like the VUE though. Looks kinda funny. Maybe if it was black...or silver.

  3. Ah... nine months. So THAT'S how that works. I'm sure that will come in useful for me someday... somehow ;-)

    Yes, I saw a real live Vue today. I think I'm off that. I guess it's back to either another Jeep or a Malibu. It's time for me to settle down and be a family guy... or just have a family car. Whichever.