Tuesday, August 10, 2004

National Guard Day

Exchange from yesterday:
"Back in elementary school, we had National Guard Day."
"Were you in ROTC or something?"
"Uh no, it's got nothing to do with that."

I suppose this would fit into the More About Bone Than You Wanted To Know category. This is a painful memory, in more ways that one. Back in elementary school, every so often (seems like for awhile it was every Wednesday or Thursday), someone (seems like it was usually Gary G.) would proclaim it to be National Guard Day. Though it might sound patriotic, in reality, it is not. National Guard Day meant that all day long you had to constantly "guard" your valuables, because on this day guys would walk around trying to hit each other where it hurts as hard as they could. Seriouslah. With no reason or cause whatsoever, simply because it was National Guard Day. So you'd pretty much walk around all day with both hands forming a protective barrier against incoming fire. I just assumed all boys grew up having to go thru this painful rite of passage, but apparently, from talking to others in recent days, it wasn't a widespread thing. Oh well, just some harmless adolescent hijinks, I suppose. Well, maybe harmless is too strong a word. I hated that day. And I was most glad when we all turned 19 and finally outgrew it. What? And that, I'm quite sure, is More About Bone Than You Ever Wanted To Know.

"She walks in, and every head turns. You can see how hot her fire burns. He didn't know what a good thing he had. But it's too late, and that's too bad. Cos she's not the cheatin' kind, but she's been cheated one too many times..."


  1. ....I think every school had those days! :)
    P.S.. I love that song!

  2. Well, I can't say that my school celebrated that day...do any of those boys have more than normal amounts of male friends today? If so, it may not have been just a game to them:)

  3. Well, I'm not sure how widespread it was. Seems like most people haven't heard of it. Maybe it was just a rural thing. lol I do wonder if any of them ever had any kids. Maybe that's the reason I haven't had any. Well, OK, so it's not the main reason. WOOOOOOOO!!!