Tuesday, August 24, 2004

'Manda, 'Manda, 'Manda, 'Manda

No, this blog isn't about the Amanda Show. Don't be silly. That will come later. I have no idea why this article makes me so happy. See? I'm not the only one.

Beard, Phelps voted sexiest Olympians

One-year fan club membership: $15
One life-size poster to hang on your wall: $10
?????: Priceless

OK, that could have been really funny if I could have come up with something to put there. Or maybe it was funnier that I left it blank. Hopefully, you all know I'm just being silly in this post... or shamefully honest. Whichever. I tell ya, that Jennie Finch is really something else, too. Not to mention she's a fine pitcher. What?

"She's a soul shaker, troublemaker. She is a heartbreaker, undertaker, moneymaker. She is a love faker. Tricky, tricky. But she is pretty, pretty..."


  1. I obviously didn't get to vote on that sexy Olympians pole. I mean if I had Alexei Nemov would have been right up there. Micheal Phelps has a big nose.

    Hope you won your game tonight!

  2. Ahem, I have a back at you song for that.

    "He's a heartbreaker, dream-maker, love-taker, don't you mess around with me!!" Heartbreaker:Pat Benatar

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know you need to go to Alli's website, b/c Nnifer wants people to send in a pic, if they have one of them and Allison--now's your chance! SEND IT IN. *I think it's all just a dating scheme!*

    Ha ha ha.

    Oh, and it should be:

    Seeing your Idol, with toilet paper stuck to their shoe, as they walk out on stage : Priceless (or is it just plain NASTY?)

  3. Hey everyone, Jeff wanted me to post a comment to let everyone know he may be out of commission for a little while. Tonight at his game unfotunatly, he was hurt sliding to second and had to go to the emergency room. Turns out it is a possible frature at his ankle and he will be going to the doctor Thursday to find out more. He is staying with his mom and she doesn't have a computer and he just wanted to let everyone know. Keep him mind the next few days because I am sure he will be in some pain. Thanks =)


  4. Thanks for the update Jessica.

    Sorry to hear about the fracture!!!

    Hope all is well!


  5. Oh, thanks for the heads up, I will definitely have to send in my pic with Allison.

    Thanks for the well-wishes ;-)