Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Refusing to go on the DL

If you know that Big John Studd was a professional wrestler and not a porn star, then this blog's for you ;-)

I'll be blunt. I'm burnt out. I'm fried. My mind is as barren as the surface of the moon. Well, game three of the softball season was worse than game two, if you can believe that. We only had nine players there, however I did not realize that until I was halfway out to left field. Great. Three outfielders. I went 1 for 2 with a single. My chance at an RBI was thwarted when our runner on second was thrown out at home by their cannon-armed rover. Oh well, at least I finally hit a decent line drive. My shoulder was in immense pain last night. I did some research on the net when I got home and my self-diagnosis is that I have a rotator cuff injury of some sort. I bought some creme and some of those menthol patches to put on it. But apparently, continuing to use it could cause greater injury, including shoulder dislocation or tendon detachment. So I should probably try to get a doctor's appointment or something. I don't want to quit playing. Maybe I'll see if I can move to first or second base or something. That would be less strain on the arm. In all honesty, I should probably be placed on the 60 Day DL.

Oh, a bit of good news. I don't have to work tonight. Woohoo! Dad called yesterday and told me. That'll be a nice break. Having only one job. What a concept. In other news, Jessica started her new job at Crestwood today. Good luck!! She has been really, really sweet and thoughtful lately. Yesterday, she volunteered to do my laundry. She also cooked dinner for me last night before my game. How nice is that ;-) My stomach wasn't feeling great for some reason, so I didn't eat much. But I popped four Pepto caplets before the game and felt much better afterwards. So I ended up warming up a plate and eating when I got home. To pay her back (I guess), I let her watch an hour of Newlyweds with Nick & Jessica last night. It was actually pretty funny when they were trying to put down sod, and so he hired this lazy, inept crew the first day. All they did was walk around smoking and talking. Then he ordered pizza and they pretty much didn't hit a lick the rest of the day. As they were leaving, one guy asked him, "You gonna need us tomorrow?" Are you kidding? lol Then one of the guys comes back and steals a drink to go. OK, I can't believe I just posted that.

In other news, when I went to buy my Pepto, the girl at CVS was like yawning and stuff. She pressed on her side and said, "I think I slept wrong or something last night." So I replied with something like, "Well, that's no fun." There should really be a list of like 25 cool responses and replies for any comment or situation. That way I could just commit them all to memory and not sound like a complete moron. Uhh.. duhhh.. doy.. that's no fun. Wow, I feel like these posts are becoming increasingly boring, much like a Dick Cheney speech. Sorry. I'm sure things will pick up soon.. or won't. Whichever.

"Are you lonesome tonight? Do you miss me tonight? Are you sorry we drifted apart?"

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