Thursday, March 10, 2005


Q. How do you get me to watch something besides sports and Seinfeld?

A. There are two ways, really. One involves a cute girl. The other is by putting a regular show on a sports channel, apparently.

I have become very interested in the new drama ESPN has created, called Tilt. It centers around poker and casino corruption and is set in Las Vegas. It's an hour long, which is odd for me, because I have trouble sitting thru any non-sports event which is longer than 30 minutes. And I've never been big on ESPN doing movies or whatever, because their movies usually turn out to be much more fantasy than fact. But I caught Tilt on late Friday night as I was getting ready for bed. They were replaying a couple of the previous episodes. Then a new episode (I think) was on last night at 10:00. So, anyway, I'm hooked. It's very interesting. Plus, it has the guy who played Duncan Meyer on "The Race" episode of Seinfeld on there, so that's always a good sign.

In other news, I discovered yesterday that my driver's license had expired at the end of February. I'm gonna run by the court house today to renew that.

My Dad got a speeding ticket yesterday!!! My dad!! Driving fast!! When you get a speeding ticket, it's not good, but when your Dad gets one, it's cool. My sister called to tell me. She thought it was so funny.

Went running yesterday at Wilson Morgan. It was cloudy and there was just a light, cool mist falling, perfect running weather.

"You giggle every time that I say yes ma'am. And I get this feelin' if I held you tight, you'd be seein' his and hers, buckles, boots, and spurs, but that's a feelin' you'll get over overnight..."


  1. Doesn't everything you guys do involve a cute girl?

  2. Well, ideally. Unfortunately, that's not always the case.